Baseball Player Obituaries

Baseball Almanac presents a list of baseball player obituaries and a comprehensive chart of ballplayer deaths by month. Chart note: All currently known deaths are included. Chart is current through date listed.

"I don't know what the pitch was (to Bill Mazeroski in game seven). All I know is it was the wrong one." - Ralph Terry
Baseball Player Obituaries & Death by Month Chart

Number of Major League Players Who Died in Each Month

Number of Major League Players Who Died in Each Month

Future Expansion Area (- -)

Major League Baseball Player Obituaries

Did you know that Baseball Almanac has a specific page for umpire burial locations, umpire gravesite photos and umpire obituaries online?

The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball (1997) by Jonathan Fraser Light has an entire section dedicated to Baseball Related Deaths (pg 199); here are some entries from that great book:

"He's dead at the present time." - Casey Stengel (on the status of a colleague)

Casey Stengel

" George (Brett) is getting to be such a monster that I'd hate to die in a car wreck with the guy. You'd be listed as: Others Killed." - Clint Hurdle (1981)

Source: The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball (1997, Jonathan Fraser Light)

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