Baseball Player Autographs (Letter Y)

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a list of EVERY Major League player with a last name that starts with an 'Y' on our site whose player page includes an autographed baseball card. Included on the chart are links to the players biography, the years he played, and a (HOF) Hall of Fame mark (Y=Yes). Bold entries stand for active players which are defined as those who played in at least one Major League game during the most recently completed season.

"On a humorous note, another young boy, not realizing that pitchers aren't usually known for their hitting skills, asked Keiichi (Yabu) how many home runs he has hit. Keiichi smiled and gave the universal sign for zero, drawing laughs from the crowd." - Asian Community Mental Health Services Press Release (January 13, 2005)

Baseball Player Autographs

A Classic Collection (Letter Y)

Keiichi Yabu Autograph 2005 - 2008
Yasuhiko Yabuta Autograph 2008 - 2009
Esteban Yan Autograph 1996 - 2006
Hugh Yancy Autograph 1972 - 1976
Ed Yarnall Autograph 1999 - 2000
Carl Yastrzemski Autograph 1961 - 1983 Y
Kirby Yates Autograph 2014 - 2019
Tyler Yates Autograph 2004 - 2009
Steve Yeager Autograph 1972 - 1986
Eric Yelding Autograph 1989 - 1993
Christian Yelich Autograph 2013 - 2019
Rich Yett Autograph 1985 - 1990
Jim York Autograph 1970 - 1976
Mike York Autograph 1990 - 1991
Masato Yoshii Autograph 1998 - 2002
Eddie Yost Autograph 1944 - 1962
Ned Yost Autograph 1980 - 1985
Kevin Youkilis Autograph 2004 - 2013
Shane Youman Autograph 2006 - 2007
Floyd Youmans Autograph 1985 - 1989
Anthony Young Autograph 1991 - 1996
Chris Young Autograph 2004 - 2017
Chris Young Autograph 2006 - 2018
Curt Young Autograph 1983 - 1993
Danny Young Autograph 2000 - 2000
Del Young Autograph 1937 - 1940
Delmon Young Autograph 2006 - 2015
Delwyn Young Autograph 2006 - 2010
Dmitri Young Autograph 1996 - 2008
Don Young Autograph 1965 - 1969
Eric Young Autograph 1992 - 2006
Eric Young Autograph 2009 - 2018
Ernie Young Autograph 1994 - 2004
Gerald Young Autograph 1987 - 1994
Jason Young Autograph 2003 - 2004
Kevin Young Autograph 1992 - 2003
Kip Young Autograph 1978 - 1979
Matt Young Autograph 1983 - 1993
Michael Young Autograph 2000 - 2013
Mike Young Autograph 1982 - 1989
Pete Young Autograph 1992 - 1993
Tim Young Autograph 1998 - 2000
Walter Young Autograph 2005 - 2005
Joel Youngblood Autograph 1976 - 1989
Larry Yount Autograph 1971 - 1971
Robin Yount Autograph 1974 - 1993 Y
Jeff Yurak Autograph 1978 - 1978
Sal Yvars Autograph 1947 - 1954

The player with the earliest debut date on the chart above is Eddie Yost , who made his major league debut on August 16, 1944!

Hall of Famers in our collection from this page include Carl Yastrzemski and Robin Yount .

Do you believe that there are more players on this page that belong in the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Share your opinion on Baseball Fever .

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