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Stan Williams made his Major League debut on 05-17-1958 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present all the Stan Williams books currently listed on - the leading providing of online Stan Williams books.

"'Stanley,' he said, 'what was that last pitch you threw, if I may ask?' 'You may and it was a screwball,' grinned Williams. 'Stanley, you do not have a screwball,' (Joe) Pignatano reminded him. 'I know that,' said Williams. 'You also know that. So does (George) Crowe. So I figured I would fool him if I threw him one." - Dick Peebles in The Houston Chronicle (Baseball Digest, July 1975)
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[(The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success )] [Author: Stan Williams] [Jul-2006]
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions
Released: 2006-07-11
Price: $37.93 (new)

The Moral Premise: Harnessing Virtue and Vice for Box Office Success by Stan Williams (15-Jun-2006) Paperback
Publisher: Michael Wiese Productions (15 Jun. 2006)
Released: 1600
Price: $23.89 (new)

Manhunt by Wayne Barton and Stan Williams, (J.D. King Western Series, Book 2) from Books In
Publisher: Books In Motion
Released: 2013-01-15
Price: $28.99 (new)

Fairchild's Passage
Publisher: TOR
Released: 1997

Lockhart's Nightmare
Publisher: Forge/ TOR
Released: 1998

Penny Lane Is In My Ears And In My Eyes by Stan Williams (29-Sep-2008) Paperback
Publisher: Vanguard Press; 1st edition (29 Sept. 2008)
Released: 1600

By: Wayne Barton
Stan Williams
Publisher: Books in Motion
Released: 2008-10-28
Price: $10.95 (new)

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