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Minnie Rojas

Minnie Rojas Autograph on a 1967 Topps Baseball Card (#104)
Minnie Rojas Autograph on a 1967 Topps Baseball Card (#104)

Wild Card
World Series
Birth Name:
Minervino Alejandro (Landin) Rojas
Born On:
11-26-1933  (Sagittarius)
Place of Birth Data Born In:
Remidios, Cuba
Year of Death Data Died On:
Place of Death Data Died In:
Los Angeles, California
Inglewood Park Cemetery, Inglewood, California
High School:
None Attended
Batting Stances Chart Bats:
Throwing Arms Chart Throws:
Player Height Chart Height:
Player Weight Chart Weight:
First Game:
05-30-1966 (Age 32)
Last Game:
Undrafted Free Agent
Minnie Rojas Baseball Cards

Minnie Rojas Baseball Card Checklist | Baseball Card Database

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