Commissioners of Major League Baseball, American League Presidents and National League Presidents

The Commissioner of Major League Baseball has left his mark on our national pastime as much as any of the players. Their rich history includes an array of decisions ranging from making bats from a single piece of wood to suspending players from the game itself.

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive chart of officials who were Major League Baseball Commissioners, League Presidents, and defunct league officials.

"It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone." - A. Bartlett Giamatti
Commissioners of Major League Baseball
( History of Major League Baseball Commissioners )

In Chronological Order


11-12-1920 to 11-25-1944

04-24-1945 to 07-15-1951

09-20-1951 to 11-16-1965

11-17-1965 to 11-20-1968

02-04-1969 to 09-30-1984

10-01-1984 to 09-30-1988

04-01-1989 to 09-01-1989

09-13-1989 to 09-07-1992

09-07-1992 to 01-25-2015

Rob Manfred

01-25-2015 to 00-00-0000


Commissioners of Major League Baseball

American League Presidents

American League

In Chronological Order


B. Bancroft "Ban" Johnson

1901 to 1927

Ernest S. Barnard

1927 to 1931

William Harridge

1931 to 1959

Joseph E. "Joe" Cronin

1959 to 1973

Leland S. MacPhail, Jr.

1974 to 1984

Robert W. Brown

1984 to 1994

Gene A. Budig

1994 to 1999

Position Discontinued


National League Presidents

National League

In Chronological Order


Morgan G. Bulkeley

1876 to 1876

William A. Hulbert

1877 to 1882

Arthur H. Soden

1882 to 1882

Abraham G. Mills

1883 to 1884

Nicholas E. Young

1885 to 1902

Harry C. Pulliam

1903 to 1909

John A. Heydler

1909 to 1909

Thomas J. Lynch

1910 to 1913

John K. Tener

1913 to 1918

John A. Heydler

1918 to 1934

1934 to 1951

Warren C. Giles

1951 to 1969

Charles S. Feeney

1970 to 1986

1986 to 1989

William D. White

1989 to 1994

Leonard S. Coleman, Jr.

1994 to 1999

Position Discontinued


League Presidents

Other League Presidents

In Alphabetical & Chronological Order

League Name Term

American Association

H.D. McKnight

1882 to 1885

Wheeler C. Wyckoff

1886 to 1889

Zach Phelps

1890 to 1890

Louis Kramer

1891 to 1891

Ed Renau

1891 to 1891

Zach Phelps

1891 to 1891

Federal League

James A. Gilmore

1914 to 1915

National Association

James W. Kerns

1871 to 1871

Robert W. Ferguson

1872 to 1875

Players League

Edward A. McAlpin

1890 to 1890

Union Association

H.B. Bennett

1883 to 1883

Henry V. Lucas

1883 to 1885

"Other" League Presidents

These baseball officials, Major League Commissioners , and League Presidents have some of the best quotations (both from & about them) here on Baseball Almanac.

Ford C. Frick , who served as National League President (1934 to 1951), was the first league president to transition up to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball (1951 to 1965). A. Bartlett Giamatti , who was also a National League president (1986-1989), was the second & most recent league president to become Commissioner (April 1, 1989 through September 1, 1989).

Did you know that the American League and National League presidents positions were removed by Commissioner Bug Selig in 1999 to "unify the leagues"?

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