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Baseball Almanac News
Date Major League Baseball Calendar Days Away
11-16-2020 Hall of Fame Ballot Announced ( History ) 93 days
New Research in Baseball Autographs
New Research in Baseball Awards
2020 MLB Player of the Week Award : new research / first winners added.
New Research in the Baseball Card Database
Mother's Cookies Sets : Padres checklists added for 1993 , 1994 , and 1995 .
Baseball Wit Sets : Checklists added for 1989 Wit (NNO) & 1989 Wit .
New Research in Baseball Feats
Home Run in First At-Bat : added Tyler Stephenson.
Triple Plays in Major League Baseball : 2020 game & box scores 1911-14.
New Research in Baseball Lists
Baseball Almanac Updates : last ten updates we made in each section.
MLB Twitter Accounts : added Dick Allen . Updated research & style.
New York Mets AND New York Yankees : 1st two now a trivia question (FF#3).
New Research on Baseball Players
Sid Farrar . Baseball card, quote, story about his famous daughter.
Tim Dillard . Trivia, funny baseball story, new research.
Art Shamsky . Newspaper story, research, trivia, and several records.
Brian Doyle . Rookie card, baseball stories, quote, and trivia.
Jack Stivetts . Quote, no-hitter, photo, biography, trivia & research.
New Research in Baseball Records
MLB Hit By A Pitch Team Records : cleaned-up formatting / new style.
Bases On Balls Records : cleaned-up formatting / new style.
New Research on Baseball Teams & Historic Games
August 10, 1944 . Red Barrett uses MLB record 58 pitches (fewest ever) in W.
Buffalo Bisons : New intro! Updated formatting on page / new style.
Forbes Field : More trivia / research added to the Pirates historic ballpark .
July 12, 1979 . Newspapers, video, and history of Disco Demolition Night .
Cleveland Spiders : updated formatting on page / new style.
New Research in College Baseball Lists
Saint Leo University Baseball Players : updated logo (provided by St. Leo).
Carroll Hardy . Died on August 9th . Played in NFL and MLB!
Horace Clarke . Died on August 5th . 2B with Yanks during Horace Clarke Era .
Bert Thiel . Died on July 31st . Relief pitcher. 4 gms with 1952 Boston Braves .
Bob Sebra . Died on July 22nd . Late '80s RHP / University of Nebraska .
New Research / Articles on the Baseball Almanac Blog
New Research on World Series Pages & Year-by-Year MLB History
1913 World Series : updated page formatting.
1968 American League & 1968 National League . Pennant race & formatting.
1967 American League & 1967 National League . Pennant race & formatting.
1966 American League & 1966 National League . Pennant race & formatting.
1965 American League & 1965 National League . Pennant race & formatting.
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Art Shamsky #otd 1966 entered a game in 8th inning - and finished with THREE HOME RUNS, setting several #MLB record……
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Red Barrett threw 5️⃣8️⃣ pitches in a COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUT #otd 1944. Still the #record for fewest pitches in a ga……
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Baseball in 2020 is, um, strange, and different, and interesting, and difficult to to describe. (@MrMet & @mrsmet)……
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Jose Ramirez (@MrLapara) hit HR lefty & righty in same game-again! @Indians all-time leader (6). Tied in #MLB histo……
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RIP Horace Clarke (😢). 2B with #NewYork #Yankees (1965-74) & #SanDiego #Padres (1974). Horace Clarke Era is defined……
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Jack Stivetts threw a #NoHitter #otd 1892, 1st in franchise #history for #Braves. #OTD 2020: #BaseballAlmanac added……
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The #Washington #Senators played a #doubleheader #otd 1909 - their 8th consecutive set of #doubleheaders that seaso……
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We are FAR from perfect, however, we are ALWAYS willing to try and make things perfect! It's what we've been doing……
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Baseball Almanac [] started in 1999. It literally has 500,000+ pages of #MLB history! Triple……
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DYK there was a NL team in #Buffalo, called the #Bisons (s/a modern @MiLB team)? Rosters (1879-1885) & schedules ha……
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Vic Raschi […] set a still-unbroken RBI #record #otd 1953. Springfield Rifle set a balks mark……
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