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The history of our national pastime is very diverse and the number of topics that fans find interesting knows no limits. Join Baseball Almanac as we salute independent researchers who have explored and written about various facets of baseball.

The Baseball Articles section has simple goals: to foster the study of baseball, stimulate interest in topics yet unexplored by our site, and provide a forum for independent researchers to publish their articles.

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"Research is one-half frustration, one-half exclamation point, and one-half question-mark. If this adds up to more than 100% it proves that mathematics and research sometimes gives confusing results." - Michael P. Ryan in The Permissible Lie (1968)

Baseball Research Articles

Baseball Research Articles by Independent Baseball Researchers

A Fan's Greatest Joy
by Ken Wasnock
An At Bat
by Anne Marie Richardson
Kevin Ohme Retires
by Greg Thompson
Baseball Markets
by Al Streit
Longest Distance Home Runs
by William J. Jenkinson
Reaction and Range
by Rick Swanson
by Michael von Zempter
Don't Die on Third
by William J. Cameron
Fergie Jenkins
by Darl DeVault

Remembering Yesterday's Baseball Heroes

The Tigers and Yankees in '61: A Pennant Race for the Ages, the Babe's Record Broken and Stormin'norman's Greatest Season

Articles By Jim Sargent [Author: The Tigers and Yankees in '61 | Yesterday's Baseball Heroes ]

Bobby Thomson Biography: Giant Hero
A Famous Slugger from Baseball's Golden Era
Jean Faut
The Greatest Overhand Pitcher of the AAGPBL
Danny Litwhiler
A First-Class Big Leaguer Remembers the 1940s
Joe Brovia Remembered
A Coast League Legend Who Loved Baseball Fans
Doris "Sammye" Sams
Knoxville's All-American, All-Star Outfielder and Pitcher
Mickey Vernon Biography (NEW in 2019)
Remembering the Top First Baseman of the Golden Era
Eddie Mayer
A Cub Southpaw in the 1950s
Phil Cavarretta
The Hustling Cub Starred in Three World Series
Edward "Red" Borom
From Semipro Ball to the Big Leagues
Remembering Lloyd Merriman
Football Star, Stanford Graduate, War Hero, Big Leaguer
Elden Auker
Pitching in the Big Leagues the Underhand Way
The Spartans of Springtime
MSU's Big Ten Champs Remember the Glory
Hal Newhouser Biography (NEW in 2019)
The Tigers Hall of Fame Southpaw
Future Expansion Area
by Jim Sargent

A Look Back - Minor League Baseball History | A Baseball Research Section

Minor League Baseball

All Articles By Pat Doyle [ A Look Back Menu ]

20 Game Losers
Earned Losses"
Gunfire In The Ballpark
Havana Suger Kings
Jack Fasholz
Pitcher and Preacher
Baseball Broadcasting from Another Day
From Teletype to Play-by-Play
Luke Easter
Myth, Legend, Superstar
Branch Rickey's Farm
The End of Chain Store Baseball
Murderers' Row and Beyond
A Minor League Equevilent?
Cot Deal
a Baseball Man
Minor League Baseball
During the Roaring Twenties
Nino Briscuso
A Career Cut Short By War
Rocky Nelson
A Minor League Legend
Fred Kipp
Brooklyn Dodger
Gene Schroer
Pitcher and Lawyer
The Lame Ducks
Of Triple-A Baseball

The Baseball Comic's Corner | A Baseball Research Section

All Editorial Cartoons By Marvin Terry [ The Comic's Corner Menu ]

20 Million Dollar Club
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
George Steinbrenner Note To Self
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
300 Win Club
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
It Could Happen To You
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Babe Ruth - Superstition
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Juiced Baseball
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Barry Bonds and the Rally Monkey
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Pete Rose: Please Forgive Me
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Barry Bonds Greets Santa Claus
Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Steroids in Baseball
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Baseball Negotiations
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Steroids, Baseball & Selig
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
David Wells
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
The Long Off Season...
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Free Buckner
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
When A-Rod Met The Babe
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
Gamboa - Once bitten, twice ...
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry
(Don) Zimmer & (Pedro) Martinez
An Editorial Cartoon by Marvin Terry

The Pinstripe Press | A Baseball Research Section

The Pinstripe Press

All Articles By Michael Aubrecht [ Pinstripe Press Menu ]

61 in 61
The M&M Boys by Michael Aubrecht
Mariano Rivera
A Man with a Message by Michael Aubrecht
7 th Inning Stretch
A Historical Perspective by Michael Aubrecht
Opening Day
A History of Opening Day by Michael Aubrecht
America's Team?
The New York Yankees by Michael Aubrecht
"Pride" of the Yankees
The Jackie Mitchell Story by Michael Aubrecht
Baseball and the Blue and the Gray
Civil War Baseball by Michael Aubrecht
The Perfect Game
Don Larsen by Michael Aubrecht
Bud Selig Biography
1998-Today by Michael Aubrecht
Tribute to the Iron Horse
Lou Gehrig by Michael Aubrecht
Check "mates"
Game Anyone? by Michael Aubrecht
Who's The Greatest?
The 1927 Yankees by Michael Aubrecht
George Steinbrenner Biography
Owner Extraordinaire by Michael Aubrecht
Yankee Killer
Bill Mazeroski by Michael Aubrecht

Baseball Research Articles

Baseball Research Articles by Baseball Almanac

Cot Deal Interview
by Baseball Almanac
Addie Joss Benefit Game
New York Times News Clipping (Baseball Almanac)
Babe Ruth Salary Draws
The Sporting News Clipping (Baseball Almanac)
Night Game Attendance Figures
The Sporting News Clipping (Baseball Almanac)
Future Expansion Area
by Baseball Almanac
Tony Lazzeri Record Setting Night
The Sporting News Clipping (Baseball Almanac)

Baseball Research Articles | Baseball Almanac, Inc.

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1️⃣6️⃣ innings - most played during an #OpeningDay game! A Plain Dealer photographer took this photo OTD2012, at Pr……
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Updated: Adrián Zabala. #LHP with #NewYork #Giants in 1945 & 1949. Born in #Cuba. Suspended for playing the Mexican……
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UPDATED: Masahiro Tanaka, OTD2014, surrendered HR to 1st batter […], during debut. Today, I a……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac03 Apr
UPDATED: We discovered 38 players who STOLE HOME TEN-OR-MORE TIMES in their CAREER […]. We re……
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Was it cork? (🤨) Was it a Wham-O-Ball? (🤣) Here at #BaseballAlmanac, we simply miss watching #baseball games. Image……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac02 Apr
RIP 😢: Bob Lee […]. RHP (1964-1968) with #Angels, #Dodgers, #Reds. Updated: Added died on dat……
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Baseball Almanac Player of the Day: Don Sutton […]. Born OTD1945. Did you know "The Mechanic"……
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UPDATED: You know Pudge. The Big Hurt. Junior. Dozens more we imagine. But, have you ever wanted to see every…
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A fellow SABR (@sabr) researcher recently asked what players have worn #69 in a regular season game. Here is that l……
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Mark McGwire, OTD1998, hit a HR. That historic HR ended up being the 1st-of-70 dingers Big Mac hit that year [……
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UPDATED: Steve Yeager. New home address. Integrated a #TuesdayTrivia question on #BaseballAlmanac, about the no-hit……
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OTD2000: Rey Ordonez committed an error (😲) ending #MLB record. Rickey Henderson stole a base, in 4th different dec……
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Updated. ART HOUTTEMAN. Received cemetery update from Dr. Fred Worth. Added a trivia question about Detroit Catholi……
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Updated. BASEBALL MOVIE CHECKLIST. Shoutout to @seamus1942 for finding the omission (The Perfect Game / True Story……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac29 Mar
Received an email from Steven Schwartz that included, "With Baseball Almanac you feel like you are visiting a place……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac29 Mar
UPDATED: John Rainey. 19th century #MLB player with 59 career games. Received a cemetery change (Dr. Fred Worth), s……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Mar
Thousands of #MLB players never appeared on a #BaseballCard (😥). No problem (🧐), we started making our own (🤓), thi……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Mar
UPDATED: Baseball Movie Checklist. Added four new titles to our comprehensive list of every baseball movie in histo……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Mar
RIP😢: Jimmy Wynn […]. Find out how he got the nickname "The Toy Cannon" and go beyond his sta……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac27 Mar
Buddy Hunter updated: Added Ted Williams hitting advice he received. A story from Tommy Lasorda. A quote from The P……
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