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Baseball Almanac is pleased to report that we do have the box score you selected in our inventory. Please carefully read the following instructions on this page to obtain your box score.

"The box score is the catechism of baseball, ready to surrender its truth to the knowing eye." - Stanley Cohen in The Man in the Crowd (1981)
Baseball Box Scores


Box Score Ordering & Fulfillment Page
Baseball Almanac Box Score

Example (on left):

Scan of an old "fair"
condition box score.

Please read below for
additional details
and complete

Box score conditions
will vary from mint to
poor. Every effort to
send the best possible
copy will be done.

Baseball Almanac is pleased to let you know that the box score
you have requested is in our inventory.

To receive a copy of the box score you MUST complete the following items:

1. Send a letter to the address below. Inside your letter you MUST include
an envelope with your complete address and first class postage already
affixed. If you are ordering more than 10 box scores, email me for postage

Baseball Almanac
8263 SW 107 Avenue, Apt A
Miami, FL 33173

2. Print out and include the team schedule in the envelope . Highlight or
clearly mark the game(s) you need. If you do not have a printer, please
write a note with the same line of details found in our schedules. This will
ensure your order is filled accurately.

3. EACH box score costs $10.00. So if you want a doubleheader, a single
game played one year later, and a game from a totally different team your
total due would by $40.00.

3a. Box scores were once free. This changed because people were not
willing to send any type of donation - even though they are requesting that
I locate the data, photocopy the data at a local store, then mail the data
Baseball Almanac could not stay online without donations, so if you are
able to send money above and beyond the newly required fee - PLEASE DO!

4. Restrictions: No more than 10 box score requests per envelope and
no fees will be returned due to box score condition. If our database
was wrong and we do not have the box score you need in a
decipherable format, your entire package (including the fee) will be
returned in your self-addressed stamped envelope. The "key" here is
decipherable format, if we can't read it / figure it out - we won't send it and
your money will be returned in full.

4a. Though this "request for box score service" has only been in operation
since April 2002, we have delivered more than 5,000 box scores to more
than 3,000 different people and
not one box score has ever been returned.

5. Bulk Orders: If you need more than 10 box scores please visit the Contact
menu at the top of any screen and thoroughly advise us about your research
needs. Recent custom orders have included:

Every game pitched by Sandy Koufax .
Every game played by the Cincinnati Reds in 1954.
Every box score of every game where Babe Ruth hit a home run.
Every World Series game.

6. PayPal Orders. If you want to receive a digital box score (.jpg) this too is
possible and usually the box score will be in your possession the same day.
You must pay via PayPa l, indicate clearly the box you want in your payment
note and a high-resolution scan of the box will be sent upon receipt. The
email for payment via PayPal is:


Sean Holtz, Webmaster
"Where what happened yesterday is being preserved today."

Box Score Ordering & Fulfillment Page

The box score you receive might be from The Sporting News , The New York Times , a red or green book, or even a digitally reproduced version.

Writer / author Earl Wilson once wrote, "My idea of courage is the guy who has $500,000 tied up in the stock market and turns to the box scores first!"

Did you know that the box score was "invented" by Henry Chadwick and first appeared in print in an 1863 issue of the New York Clipper?

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