Wake Forest University Baseball Players Who Made it to the Major Leagues

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive chart of every Wake Forest University alumni who played baseball at Wake Forest University AND made it to the Major League level.

"He's ( Mike MacDougal ) a young kid with a good arm, very good movement with good velocity. Like a lot of young kids, control has been a big problem for him as has improving his second pitch, a slider." - Tony Muser on BPSports.com (Staff Writers, 'Former Deacon makes MLB Debut', 09/25/2001, Source )
Wake Forest College
"Demon Deacons"

In Chronological Order

Name [Click for M.L. Stats]

Dates Played

Debut / Box

Bill Wynne

1888 - 1994


Lee Gooch

1914 - 1915


Larry Woodall ( North Carolina )

1911 - 1913


Vic Sorrell

1923 - 1925


Junie Barnes

1930 - 1934


Buddy Lewis 1934 - 1934 06-16-1935

Doyt Morris

1935 - 1937


Eddie Yount

1935 - 1937


Tom Lanning

1926 - 1930


John Gaddy

1933 - 1938


Morrie Aderholt

1935 - 1939


Dick Newsome

1928 - 1933


Willard Marshall

1938 - 1939


Ray Scarborough

1936 - 1939


Tommy Byrne

1938 - 1940


Charlie Ripple

1940 - 1944


Elmer Sexauer

1945 - 1948


Gair Allie

1951 - 1951


Jack Meyer ( Delaware )

1951 - 1951


Rip Coleman ( Syracuse )

1951 - 1951


Willard Hunter

1953 - 1957


Bill Dillman

1965 - 1965


Wake Forest University
"Demon Deacons"

In Chronological Order

Name [Click for M.L. Stats]

Dates Played

Debut / Box

Craig Robinson

1968 - 1970


Brick Smith

1978 - 1981


Tommy Gregg

1982 - 1985


Erik Hanson

1984 - 1986


Kevin Jarvis

1988 - 1991


Mike Buddie

1990 - 1992


Sean DePaula

1994 - 1996


Mike MacDougal

1997 - 1999


Dave Bush

1999 - 2002


Cory Sullivan

2000 - 2000


Ryan Braun ( UNLV )

2000 - 2002


James D'Antona

2001 - 2003


Chris Getz ( Michigan )

2003 - 2003


Matt Antonelli 2004 - 2006 09-01-2008
Allan Dykstra 2006 - 2008 04-08-2015
Tim Cooney 2010 - 2012 04-30-2015

Mac Williamson

2010 - 2012


Name [Click for M.L. Stats]

Dates Played

Debut / Box

Wake Forest University MLB Player Alumnus

The Wake Forest University baseball program started in 1891 and Bill Wynne was their first player to make it to the Major League level. Names that appear on the chart above in bold print are in the Wake Forest University Hall of Fame.

BPSports.net covers all major sports with a "spiritual attitude". They include headlines, news and feature stories on Christian athletes, schools, tournaments and sports. When Mike MacDougal , the most recent Demon Deacon, made his major league debut they ran the following story:

CHICAGO (BP)—Former Wake Forest All-American pitcher Mike MacDougal made his major league debut on Saturday night for Kansas City. MacDougal started for the Royals at Comiskey Park in Chicago against the White Sox.
MacDougal , a first-round pick in 1999, pitched 4 1/3 innings and allowed three runs on six hits with a walk and a strikeout. He did not earn a decision as the Royals lost 5-4 in 10 innings.
MacDougal joins pitchers Kevin Jarvis (San Diego), Mike Buddie (Milwaukee) and Sean DePaula (Cleveland) as the other Wake Forest alumni currently active in the majors.
MacDougal is expected to start again on Thursday against Detroit at Kauffmann Stadium in Kansas City and will likely make several starts for the Royals with 12 games remaining in the regular season. The Las Vegas, Nev., native was a first team All-America selection at Wake Forest in 1999 and helped lead the Demon Deacons to back-to-back ACC Championships in 1998 and 1999.
"We were just going to bring Mac ( MacDougal ) up here and let him get acquainted with this lifestyle," Royals manager Tony Muser said on the club's official website. "We wanted him to be around Big League pitchers and be around (pitching coach) Al Nipper . But because of ( Paul Byrd's injury) situation, Mac was already here. He's here, let's pitch him."
MacDougal is more than willing to get out on the mound.
"I'm real excited," said the 24-year-old Las Vegas native before his debut. "It will be pretty neat to get my first start in the Big Leagues. I was coming up here to throw a few bullpen sessions and hang out. Now I'm pitching.
"It will get me ready for next year and get me some experience up here. Hopefully I'll learn what it takes to stay up here."
Muser is excited about the youngster's chances.
"He's a young kid with a good arm, very good movement with good velocity. Like a lot of young kids, control has been a big problem for him as has improving his second pitch, a slider. Over the last five starts in Triple-A, he made a big push. "I don't know how he'll pitch. A lot of kids struggle early when they first get here. I'm sure he's going to be antsy. In our situation, we're trying to battle our way out of the cellar. I think it's time to take a look at him."

Source: BPSports.net

Did you know that there are forty former Wake Forest players who made it to the show? Send corrections or updates to Baseball Almanac .

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