Major League Baseball Players by Place of Death During the 1883 Season

Hall of Fame Manager Casey Stengel once quipped, "Most people my age are dead - you could look it up." The table below allows you to "look it up", as it is a comprehensive historical analysis of every major league baseball players' place of death. Selecting a state or country will bring up a sortable chart with every player in history who died in that particular area.

"Baseball is a game dominated by vital ghosts; it's a fraternity, like no other we have of the active and the no longer so, the living and the dead." - Richard Gilman in The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball (Jonathan Fraser Light, 2005)
Major League Baseball Players by Place of Death During the 1883 Season

A Historical Analysis / Return To Players by Place of Death

United States (265)
Alabama (0) Louisiana (0) Ohio (16)
Alaska (0) Maine (0) Oklahoma (0)
Arizona (0) Maryland (13) Oregon (1)
Arkansas (1) Massachusetts (28) Pennsylvania (37)
California (11) Michigan (6) Rhode Island (7)
Colorado (3) Minnesota (0) South Carolina (0)
Connecticut (10) Mississippi (0) South Dakota (0)
Delaware (0) Missouri (17) Tennessee (0)
Florida (1) Montana (0) Texas (2)
Georgia (1) Nebraska (0) Utah (0)
Hawaii (0) Nevada (0) Vermont (0)
Idaho (0) New Hampshire (2) Virginia (0)
Illinois (19) New Jersey (19) Washington (0)
Indiana (1) New Mexico (0) Washington, D.C. (7)
Iowa (2) New York (50) West Virginia (1)
Kansas (0) North Carolina (0) Wisconsin (4)
Kentucky (6) North Dakota (0) Wyoming (0)

Additional Countries
Atlantic Ocean (1) Canada (6) Unknown (8)
Major League Baseball Players by Place of Death During the 1883 Season

If you have ever wondered what month most ballplayers passed away in, or if you enjoy reading baseball obituaries, then Baseball Almanac suggests you visit our Baseball Player Obituaries & Death by Month Chart .

Baseball Almanac is aware that researching baseball players by their place of death is common data found easily on the Internet today. We, as you are well aware, enjoy taking that extra step here and have taken that common data and added this amazing chart which will enable you to see a historical breakdown of players from any given year in history by their place of death:

Did you know that Frank Ringo was the first Major League baseball player to committ suicide? On April 12, 1889, he ingested a lethal dose of morphine, died of the drug overdose, and became the first baseball suicide in history.

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