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Date Major League Baseball Calendar Days Away
04-15-2020 Jackie Robinson Day ( History ) 6 days
07-14-2020 All-Star Game ( History ) 96 days
09-01-2020 Expanded Rosters (28 Players) ( History ) 145 days
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Jack Graney Award -- added Ken Fidlin (The Toronto Sun).
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Baseball Almanac Updates : last ten updates we made in each section.
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Jul Kustus . Cemetery changed. Picture added. Newspaper story about HR.
Jay Aldrich . High school located for researcher, newspaper story integrated.
Jess Todd . Updated contracts, added his first college.
Cy Seymour . Synopsis, did you know, baseball card, more history.
Manny Sanguillen . High school, Twitter , and trivia about Panama .
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Stealing Home Base Records : added Jose Cardenal to ten steal of home.
Game Length Records : cleaned-up formatting / new style.
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Baker Bowl - learn more about this Philadelphia Phillies historic ballpark .
Division Series History -- added all eight teams from 2019.
Major League Baseball Wild Card Game -- added all four teams from 2019.
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Boston College Baseball Players -- fixed Chris Shaw entry (years played).
Al Kaline . Died on April 6th . Added died on date and location. HOF .
Ed Farmer . Died on April 1st . Died on, died in, cemetery, a quote, two facts.
Jimmy Wynn . Died on March 26th . Died on, died in, Astros Hall of Fame .
Bob Lee . Died on March 25th . Died on, died in, cemetery, trivia item.
Bob Stephenson . Died on March 20th . Died on, died in, cemetery.
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2019 World Series -- Updated daily during this year's Fall Classic.
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OTD1963, a rookie named Peter Edward Rose made his #MLB debut. There were 28,896 fans there in Crosley Field who sa……
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Derek Dietrich (@derekrdietrich) said, "I guess I made history tonight, a little Crash Davis type, Bull Durham ther……
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eMail, "There are now seven Brewers for whom I cannot find a High School. They are Jay Aldrich..." Found it for him……
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MANNY SANGUILLEN (@TheRealSangy35) updated. Added verified twitter, high school, and a great trivia question about……
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Cy Seymour […] won more than 50 games AND hit more than 50 home runs in his career. One other……
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#OTD On this date, April 7, 1970, Hoyt Wilhelm pitched in earliest appearance of MLB career. Playing for @Braves he……
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Updated: Adrián Zabala. #LHP with #NewYork #Giants in 1945 & 1949. Born in #Cuba. Suspended for playing the Mexican……
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Was it cork? (🤨) Was it a Wham-O-Ball? (🤣) Here at #BaseballAlmanac, we simply miss watching #baseball games. Image……
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RIP 😢: Bob Lee […]. RHP (1964-1968) with #Angels, #Dodgers, #Reds. Updated: Added died on dat……
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