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The All-Star Game Official Spokesperson(s)

Major League Baseball began selecting an Official Spokesperson for the All-Star Game and All-Star Game Fanfest starting with the 2008 Midsummer Classic. The official spokesperson generates awareness for and make a variety of appearances on behalf of the event. One of the host city's most popular players is chosen by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball as spokesmen for commercial advertising.

Beginning with the 2017 All-Star Game, in Miami, Florida, Major League Baseball introduced MLB All-Star Ambassadors, and still appointed two spokespersons, the latter being a practice they discontinued during the 2018 Midsummer Classic.

"All-Star FanFest is the world's largest baseball fan event, and is a great experience for the whole family. Just like New York City, FanFest has something for everyone, and I am proud to be a part of the home team as we host this exciting event." - 2013 Official Spokesperson David Wright (MLB Press Release, 04/24/2013, 'David Wright named official spokesperson for T-Mobile All-Star Fanfest', Source )

MLB All-Star Game Official Spokesperson

In Chronological Order | (Also see: All-Star Game Captains *)

New York, New York
St. Louis, Missouri
Anaheim, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Kansas City, Missouri
New York, New York
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cincinnati, Ohio
San Diego, California
Miami, Florida
MLB All-Star Ambassadors

In Chronological Order / All-Star Game Captains *

Miami, Florida
Washington, D.C.
Cleveland, Ohio

All-Star Game Official Spokesperson & MLB All-Star Ambassadors

* The All-Star Game Official Spokesperson started with the 2008 All-Star Game and the All-Star Game Honorary Captain ended with the 2007 All-Star Game . In 2017, it was once again renamed, to MLB All-Star Ambassadors.
One of the attractions at the 2013 Midsummer Classic is the World's Largest Baseball - a signature white leather, red-laced ball measuring 12 feet in diameter and featuring the signatures of baseball greats such as Hank Aaron , Rod Carew , Nolan Ryan , Ozzie Smith and Ted Williams .
Each year the Official Spokesperson is chosen because they are one of the most popular players from the host city. Do you believe that each of those chosen were the best choice? Who else would have you considered? Share your opinions on Baseball Fever with serious baseball fans.
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