1997 All-Star Game

The American League was still suffering from the previous year's shutout and was determined to make a comeback in Cleveland. They got their wish due to the late-game heroics of Indians catcher Sandy Alomar, Jr., who thrilled his hometown fans with a two-run, game-deciding home run in the seventh inning.

A repeat of the '95 classic, the National League hitters managed only three hits off of eight American League pitchers. Both teams traded solo home runs with Seattle's Edgar Martinez hitting one in the second inning and Atlanta's Javier Lopez becoming the eleventh player to homer in his first All-Star game at-bat in the seventh.

In the bottom of the seventh, Bernie Williams drew a one-out walk from the Giants Shawn Estes. One out later, Alomar became the first All-Star to earn Most Valuable Player honors in his home ballpark when he blasted an Estes pitch into the left field bleachers. The American League was back and they were only getting started.

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"It was kind of humid out there. The ball just slipped out of my hand. You saw it. I went right to the resin bag. I guess it was kind of apropos that it slipped while Larry Walker was up." - Randy Johnson

1997 All-Star Game

1997 All-Star Game Program

1997 All-Star Game Official Program

Game Number
Date / Box Score
Jacobs Field
Attendance ( Rank )
O' Canada
The McAuley Boys
The Star Spangled Banner
1 st Pitch
Starting Pitchers

1997 All Star Game

Line Score

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
National 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 3 0
American 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 x 3 7 0
Greg Maddux
Curt Schilling (3 rd )
Kevin Brown (5 th )
Pedro Martinez (6 th )
Shawn Estes (L, 7 th )
Bobby Jones (8 th )
Randy Johnson
Roger Clemens (3 rd )
David Cone (4 th )
Justin Thompson (5 th )
Pat Hentgen (6 th )
Jose Rosado (W, 7 th )
Randy Myers (8 th )
Mariano Rivera (S, 9 th )
Javy Lopez (7 th )
Edgar Martinez (2 nd )
Sandy Alomar, Jr. (7 th )

1997 All-Star Game

National League All-Star Squad

Moises Alou Florida Marlins OF
5. Jeff Bagwell Houston Astros 1B
Rod Beck San Francisco Giants P Did Not Pitch
1. Craig Biggio Houston Astros 2B
9. Jeff Blauser Atlanta Braves SS
3. Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants OF
Kevin Brown Florida Marlins P
7. Ken Caminiti San Diego Padres 3B
Royce Clayton St. Louis Cardinals SS
Shawn Estes San Francisco Giants P
Steve Finley San Diego Padres OF
Andres Galarraga Colorado Rockies 1B
Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves P Injured
Mark Grace Chicago Cubs 1B
2. Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres OF
Todd Hundley New York Mets C Injured
Charles Johnson Florida Marlins C
Bobby Jones New York Mets P
Chipper Jones Atlanta Braves 3B
Darryl Kile Houston Astros P Did Not Pitch
8. Ray Lankford St. Louis Cardinals OF
Barry Larkin Cincinnati Reds SS Injured
Kenny Lofton Atlanta Braves OF Injured
Javy Lopez Atlanta Braves C
Greg Maddux Atlanta Braves P Starting Pitcher
Pedro Martinez Montreal Expos P
Denny Neagle Atlanta Braves P Did Not Pitch
4. Mike Piazza Los Angeles Dodgers C
Curt Schilling Philadelphia Phillies P
6. Larry Walker Colorado Rockies OF
Tony Womack Pittsburgh Pirates 2B
BOLD = Fan's choice to start the game (Manager chooses pitcher).

1997 All-Star Game

American League All-Star Squad

9. Roberto Alomar Baltimore Orioles 2B
Sandy Alomar, Jr. Cleveland Indians C MVP
1. Brady Anderson Baltimore Orioles OF
Albert Belle Chicago White Sox OF Did Not Play
Jeff Cirillo Milwaukee Brewers 3B
Roger Clemens Toronto Blue Jays P
David Cone New York Yankees P
Joey Cora Seattle Mariners 2B
Jason Dickson Anaheim Angels P Did Not Pitch
Nomar Garciaparra Boston Red Sox SS
3. Ken Griffey, Jr. Seattle Mariners OF
Pat Hentgen Toronto Blue Jays P
Randy Johnson Seattle Mariners P Starting Pitcher
David Justice Cleveland Indians OF Injured
Chuck Knoblauch Minnesota Twins 2B
4. Tino Martinez New York Yankees 1B
5. Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners DH
Mark McGwire Oakland Athletics 1B
Mike Mussina Baltimore Orioles P Did Not Pitch
Randy Myers Baltimore Orioles P
6. Paul O'Neill New York Yankees OF
7. Cal Ripken, Jr. Baltimore Orioles SS
Mariano Rivera New York Yankees P
2. Alex Rodriguez Seattle Mariners SS
8. Ivan Rodriguez Texas Rangers C
Jose Rosado Kansas City Royals P
Frank Thomas Chicago White Sox 1B Injured
Jim Thome Cleveland Indians 1B
Justin Thompson Detroit Tigers P
Bernie Williams New York Yankees OF

BOLD = Fan's choice to start the game (Manager chooses pitcher).

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The National League lineup included sluggers / future Hall of Famers Mike Piazza , Larry Walker and Barry Bonds yet they managed to only get three (3) hits off the entire American League pitching staff.

The most memorable moment happened when Larry Walker stepped up to the plate versus Randy Johnson . The first pitch sailed high over Walker's head. Walker , who is left handed, stepped out, turned his helmet around, then stepped back up to the plate right handed (and took a strike).

This particular game was the first one where American League fans were able to select a designated hitter and the Mariners' own Edgar Martinez took that honor.

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