2003 All-Star Game

After another first-half season of "un-fan-friendly" baseball including controversies over corked bats, the lingering threat of team contractions and accusations of unfair trade practices, Major League Baseball's marketing division attempted to restore the fan's faith in the game and make amends for the 2002 debacle that had ended in a 7-7 tie after both leagues ran out of available pitchers. To add more meaning to the fledgling exhibition, the 2003 Midsummer Classic slogan read "This Time It Counts" and for the first time in professional baseball history, home-field advantage in the World Series would be granted to the winner. The enticing proposal proved to be more than just a marketing ploy as the last team to overcome the "home-field curse" was the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had beaten the odds (and the Baltimore Orioles) while away in 1979.

As both teams took to the diamond at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, many fans were anxious to see the novel concept in action. Managers Dusty Baker and Mike Scioscia, both agreed that more strategy would be required than in previous contests and that a conservative approach to the bench was an absolute necessity. No longer would the integrity of the game be compromised by a skipper's unwritten obligation to "get everyone in" and come October 18 th (Game 1 of the 2003 World Series) fans everywhere would see exactly how much it meant.

The first half of the game resembled more of a pitcher's clinic as the men on the mound clearly dominated the game's best hitters. National League starter Jason Schmidt defined pitch efficiency in the first inning after retiring Ichiro Suzuki, Alfonso Soriano and Carlos Delgado with five quick pitches en route to a two-shutout-inning effort. The American League's aces responded as well and the game remained 0-0 thanks to some clutch fielding by their teammates. The first defensive highlight of the night came in the top of the second, when American League first baseman Delgado extended over the wall into the photographers' section (foul territory) to snag a Gary Sheffield popup. Later in the top of the fourth, American League right fielder Suzuki ran and leapt at the warning track (ala Willie Mays) to snatch a screaming line drive by Albert Pujols.

Finally, the American League managed to break through the scoreless stalemate with a Delgado single (for the 1-0 advantage) in the third, but the National League answered back with a run-scoring rally of their own and looked to be comfortable heading into the eighth with a 6-4 lead. Things quickly became uncomfortable though as Dodgers closer Eric Gagne surrendered a one-out double to Garret Anderson, who was removed for pinch-runner Melvin Mora, who scored on a double by Vernon Wells to make it 6-5. Then, unlikely hero Hank Blalock stepped up to the plate and hit the first pinch-hit homer in an All-Star Game since 1995 to seal the National's fate (7-6) and home-field advantage for his American League brothers.

One night after winning the Home Run Derby, the man who had set the American League comeback finale in motion, Garret Anderson, was named the games Most Valuable Player (Ted Williams Award). Anderson came just one triple shy of hitting for the cycle after going three-for-four with a home run and two runs batted in. It was the first time that a Derby winner had homered in the All-Star Game since Frank Thomas accomplished the feat at The Ballpark in Arlington in 1995. In the end, the American League extended its unbeaten streak in the Midsummer Classic to seven and looked forward to the Fall Classic, which would start (and possibly finish) in their own home.

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"People are waking up and seeing Garret's (Anderson) talent. He's one of the top five hitters in the game and a lot of people don't see it. He's not comfortable with it, but whether he likes it or not, a lot more people are going to know about him now." - American League and Angels manager Mike Scioscia

2003 All-Star Game

2003 All-Star Official Program
2003 All-Star Official Program
Esteban Loaiza
"Special" Edition
2003 All-Star Official Program
2003 All-Star Official Program
Barry Bond / Alex Rodriguez
"Regular" Edition

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Game Number
Date / Box Score
U.S. Cellular Field
Attendance ( Rank )
Stars & Stripes Forever
U.S. Marine Drum & Bugle Corps
O' Canada
The Star Spangled Banner
God Bless America
1 st Pitch
Starting Pitchers

2003 All Star Game

Line Score

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
National 0 0 0 0 5 0 1 0 0 6 11 1
American 0 0 1 0 0 2 1 3 x 7 9 0
Jason Schmidt
Randy Wolf (3rd)
Kerry Wood (4th)
Russ Ortiz (5th)
Woody Williams (6th)
Billy Wagner (H, 7th)
Eric Gagne (BS/L, 8th)
Esteban Loaiza
Roger Clemens (3rd)
Jamie Moyer (4th)
Shigetoshi Hasegawa (5th)
Eddie Guardado (5th)
Mark Mulder (6th)
Brendan Donnelly (W, 8th)
Keith Foulke (S, 9th)
Todd Helton (5th)
Andruw Jones (7th)
Garrett Anderson (6th)
Jason Giambi (7th)
Hank Blalock (8th)

2003 All-Star Game

National League All-Star Squad

Armando Benitez New York Mets RP
4. Barry Bonds San Francisco Giants OF
Aaron Boone Cincinnati Reds 3B
Kevin Brown Los Angeles Dodgers P Replaced - Injury
Luis Castillo Florida Marlins 2B Replaced Giles
Shawn Chacon Colorado Rockies P Replaced - Injury
2. Jim Edmonds St. Louis Cardinals OF
Rafael Furcal Atlanta Braves SS
Eric Gagne Los Angeles Dodgers RP
Marcus Giles Atlanta Braves 2B Replaced - Injury
Luis Gonzalez Arizona Diamondbacks OF
6. Todd Helton Colorado Rockies 1B
Geoff Jenkins Milwaukee Brewers OF eTopps Final Player
Andruw Jones Atlanta Braves OF
Paul Lo Duca Los Angeles Dodgers C
8. Javy Lopez Atlanta Braves C
Mike Lowell Florida Marlins 3B
Russ Ortiz Atlanta Braves P
Mark Prior Chicago Cubs P
3. Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals OF
1. Edgar Renteria St. Louis Cardinals SS
7. Scott Rolen St. Louis Cardinals 3B
Jason Schmidt San Francisco Giants P Starting Pitcher
Richie Sexson Milwaukee Brewers 1B
5. Gary Sheffield Atlanta Braves OF
John Smoltz Atlanta Braves RP
9. Jose Vidro Montreal Expos 2B
Billy Wagner Houston Astros RP
Rondell White San Diego Padres OF
Mike Williams Pittsburgh Pirates RP
Woody Williams St. Louis Cardinals P
Dontrelle Willis Florida Marlins P Replaced Brown
Preston Wilson Colorado Rockies OF
Randy Wolf Philadelphia Phillies P
Kerry Wood Chicago Cubs P Replaced Chacon
BOLD = Fan's choice to start the game (Manager chooses pitchers).

2003 All-Star Game

American League All-Star Squad

5. Garrett Anderson Anaheim Angels OF
Hank Blalock Texas Rangers 3B
Bret Boone Seattle Mariners 2B
Lance Carter Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP
Roger Clemens New York Yankees P Replaced Zito
3. Carlos Delgado Toronto Blue Jays 1B
Brendan Donnelly Anaheim Angels RP
Carl Everett Chicago White Sox DH
Keith Foulke Oakland Athletics RP
Nomar Garciaparra Boston Red Sox SS
Jason Giambi New York Yankees 1B Replaced Sweeney
8. Troy Glaus Anaheim Angels 3B
Eddie Guardado Minnesota Twins RP
Roy Halladay Toronto Blue Jays P
Shigetoshi Hasegawa Seattle Mariners RP
Ramon Hernandez Oakland Athletics C
Esteban Loaiza Chicago White Sox P Starting Pitcher
Mike MacDougal Kansas City Royals RP
6. Edgar Martinez Seattle Mariners DH
7. Hideki Matsui New York Yankees OF
Melvin Mora Baltimore Orioles OF
Jamie Moyer Seattle Mariners P
Mark Mulder Oakland Athletics P
Magglio Ordonez Chicago White Sox OF Replaced Ramirez
9. Jorge Posada New York Yankees C
Manny Ramirez Boston Red Sox OF Replaced - Injury
4. Alex Rodriguez Texas Rangers SS
C.C. Sabathia Cleveland Indians P
2. Alfonso Soriano New York Yankees 2B
1. Ichiro Suzuki Seattle Mariners OF
Mike Sweeney Kansas City Royals 1B Replaced - Injury
Vernon Wells Toronto Blue Jays OF
Dmitri Young Detroit Tigers OF
Barry Zito Oakland Athletics P Not Able To Pitch

BOLD = Fan's choice to start the game (Manager chooses pitchers).

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Garret Anderson won the 2003 Home Run Derby then captured the 2003 All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award . The last, and only other player to date, to match this unique feat was Cal Ripken, Jr. during the 1991 Midsummer Classic .

The National League lineup had a one-two-three St. Louis Cardinals punch: Edgar Renteria , Jim Edmonds & Albert Pujols . Those from the same team who came before this trio were as follows:

Do you know what Ichiro Suzuki (2001-2002-2003), Ken Griffey, Jr. (1996-1997-1998-1999), and Rod Carew (1977-1978-1979) have in common? They are the only three players in All-Star history to lead the Major Leagues in votes received for (at least) three consecutive seasons.

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