2009 All-Star Game

The Midsummer Classic returned to St. Louis in 2009 for the fifth time. Busch Stadium, which last hosted the All-Star Game in 1966, will once again be home to the contest and even though the name is the same, the stadium is once again new.

The Gateway City last saw All-Star action in 1966 and it truly was one for the ages. A hot steamy game (over 100 degrees at game time) that featured twelve future Hall of Fame players, two additional (Bob Gibson & Joe Morgan) were not even counted because they were out injured, and a 2-1 pitching duel that still can be considered a classic.

The 2009 All-Star Game was won by American League 4-3 — their thirteenth consecutive win — and featured at least one truly memorable moment; Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Carl Crawford robbing Colorado Rockies slugger Brad Hawpe of a home run in the seventh inning to preserve a 3-3 tie.

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"I don't remember who it was that knocked in the winning run (during the 1966 All-Star Game in St. Louis) . I was in the clubhouse at the time because it was so hot. It was about 110 or 115 degrees that day. It was really hot. It was one of the hottest days I could remember. I caught seven or eight innings. I remember, even swinging and missing you lost your breath." - Joe Torre on MLB.com (B.J. Rains, 06/16/2009, Source )

2009 All-Star Game

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Game Number
Date / Box Score
Busch Stadium
Attendance ( Rank )
The Star Spangled Banner
Sheryl Crow
God Bless America
Sara Evans
1 st Pitch
Starting Pitchers
Joe Maddon ( Tampa Bay )
TreyHillman ( KansasCity )

2009 All Star Game

Line Score

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
American 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 4 8 1
National 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 1
Roy Halladay
Mark Buehrle (3rd)
Zack Greinke (4th)
Edwin Jackson (5th)
Felix Hernandez (6th)
Jonathan Papelbon (7th, W)
Joe Nathan (8th, H)
Mariano Rivera (9th, S)
Tim Lincecum
Ryan Franklin (3rd)
Dan Haren (4th, H)
Chad Billingsley (5th)
Trevor Hoffman (6th)
FranciscoCordero (7th)
Heath Bell (8th, L)
Francisco Rodriguez (9th)
None None

2009 All-Star Game

National League All-Star Squad

Heath Bell (1) San Diego Padres P
Carlos Beltran (5) New York Mets CF Injured/DidNotPlay
Chad Billingsley (1) Los Angeles Dodgers P
4. Ryan Braun (3) Milwaukee Brewers RF
Jonathan Broxton (1) Los Angeles Dodgers P Injured/DidNotPitch
Matt Cain (1) San Francisco Giants P Injured/DidNotPitch
FranciscoCordero (3) Cincinnati Reds P
Zach Duke (1) Pittsburgh Pirates P ReplacedCain/DidNotPitch
Prince Fielder (2) Milwaukee Brewers 1B
Ryan Franklin (1) St. Louis Cardinals P
Adrian Gonzalez (2) San Diego Padres 1B
Dan Haren (3) ArizonaDiamondbacks P
Brad Hawpe (1) Colorado Rockies OF
Trevor Hoffman (7) Milwaukee Brewers P ReplacedCain/DidNotPitch
Ryan Howard (2) Philadelphia Phillies 1B
Orlando Hudson (2) Los Angeles Dodgers 2B
5. Raul Ibanez (1) PhiladelphiaPhillies LF
Josh Johnson (1) Florida Marlins P Did Not Pitch
Ted Lilly (2) Chicago Cubs P Did Not Pitch
9. Tim Lincecum (2) SanFranciscoGiants SP StartingPitcher
Jason Marquis (1) Colorado Rockies P Did Not Pitch
Brian McCann (4) Atlanta Braves C
8. Yadier Molina (1) St. Louis Cardinals C
Hunter Pence (1) Houston Astros OF Did Not Play
3. Albert Pujols (8) St. Louis Cardinals 1B
1. Hanley Ramirez (2) Florida Marlins SS
FranciscoRodriguez (4) New York Mets P
Freddy Sanchez (3) Pittsburgh Pirates 2B Did Not Play
Johan Santana (4) New York Mets P Did Not Pitch
Miguel Tejada (6) Houston Astros SS
Justin Upton (1) ArizonaDiamondbacks OF
2. Chase Utley (4) PhiladelphiaPhillies 2B All-StarFinalVote
7. ShaneVictorino (1) PhiladelphiaPhillies CF
Jayson Werth (1) Philadelphia Phillies OF ReplacedBeltran
6. David Wright (4) New York Mets 3B
RyanZimmerman (1) Washington Nationals 3B
Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

2009 All-Star Game

American League All-Star Squad

Andrew Bailey (1) Oakland Athletics P Did Not Pitch
Jason Bartlett (1) Tampa Bay Rays SS
5. Jason Bay (3) Boston Red Sox OF
Josh Beckett (2) Boston Red Sox P Did Not Pitch
Mark Buehrle (4) Chicago White Sox P
Carl Crawford (3) Tampa Bay Rays OF MVP
Nelson Cruz (1) Texas Rangers OF Replaced Hunter / Did Not Play
Chone Figgins (1) Los Angeles Angels 3B Replaced Longoria / Did Not Play
Brian Fuentes (4) Los Angeles Angels P
Curtis Granderson (1) Detroit Tigers OF
Zack Greinke (1) Kansas City Royals P
Roy Halladay (6) Toronto Blue Jays P Starting Pitcher
6. Josh Hamilton (2) Texas Rangers OF
Felix Hernandez (1) Seattle Mariners P
8. Aaron Hill (1) Toronto Blue Jays 2B
Torii Hunter (3) Los Angeles Angels OF Injured / Did Not Play
Brandon Inge (1) Detroit Tigers 3B All-Star Final Vote
Edwin Jackson (1) Detroit Tigers P
2. Derek Jeter (10) New York Yankees SS
Adam Jones (1) Baltimore Orioles OF
Evan Longoria (2) Tampa Bay Rays 3B Injured / Did Not Play
Victor Martinez (3) Cleveland Indians C
3. Joe Mauer (3) Minnesota Twins C
Justin Morneau (3) Minnesota Twins 1B
Joe Nathan (4) Minnesota Twins P
Jonathan Papelbon (4) Boston Red Sox P
Dustin Pedroia (2) Boston Red Sox 2B Did Not Attend / Family Obligation
Carlos Pena (1) Tampa Bay Rays 1B Replaced Pedroia / Did Not Play
Mariano Rivera (10) New York Yankees P
1. Ichiro Suzuki (9) Seattle Mariners OF
4. Mark Teixeira (2) New York Yankees 1B
Justin Verlander (2) Detroit Tigers P Did Not Pitch
Tim Wakefield (1) Boston Red Sox P Did Not Pitch
Kevin Youkilis (2) Boston Red Sox 1B
7. Michael Young (6) Texas Rangers 3B
Ben Zobrist (1) Tampa Bay Rays 2B

Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

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Besides the 1966 All-Star Game mentioned in the intro text at the top of the page, three other All-Star Games were played in St. Louis: the 1940 All-Star Game , 1948 All-Star Game and 1957 All-Star Game .

Did you know that this will be the seventh year in which the All-Star Game determines home field advantage during the World Series , with the American League winning all six games to date under this format?

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