2010 All-Star Game

Pitching dominated the first half of the 2010 All-Star Game, as both starting pitchers and their immediate successors put up zeroes. Both teams finally threatened to score in the fifth inning. With Justin Verlander on the mound for the American League, David Wright singled and stole second. Andre Ethier singled but Josh Hamilton was able to hold Wright at third with a strong throw from right field. With runners on the corners, Verlander was able get the final two outs of the inning. In the bottom of the inning, Hong-Chih Kuo walked Evan Longoria before allowing Joe Mauer to reach first and advance to second by throwing a ball over the first baseman's head and into the dugout. With runners on second and third and no outs, Kuo and Heath Bell were able to escape allowing only one unearned run on a Robinson Cano sacrifice fly.

The game remained quiet until the top of the 7th inning. Phil Hughes allowed two singles before being lifted in favor of Matt Thornton. After getting Chris Young to pop up, Thornton loaded the bases on a walk to Marlon Byrd before allowing a bases-clearing double to Brian McCann. That would be the last runs scored in the game. The American League would threaten again in the bottom of the 7th. With runners on the corners and two outs, Torii Hunter struck out swinging against Adam Wainwright to end the burgeoning rally.

The bottom of the 9th would provide some drama, both on the field and in the dugout. With Jonathan Broxton in to close the game, David Ortiz hit a leadoff single to right. However, Ortiz was not lifted for a pinch runner although American League manager Joe Girardi still had Alex Rodriguez available on the bench. After Broxton struck out Adrian Beltre, Ortiz was thrown out advancing to second on a strong throw from Marlon Byrd on a John Buck single. In a controversial decision, Girardi allowed Ian Kinsler to fly out to center with one out remaining despite having Rodriguez available to pinch-hit. This ended both the ballgame and the American League's run of dominance in the Midsummer Classic. This was also the second straight All-Star Game without a home run hit by either side.

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"This whole night has been surreal. It's something you dream about as a little kid, a moment I'll never forget." - Brian McCann in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (David O'Brien, 07/14/2010, 'McCann's game-winning hit makes him All-Star MVP', Source )

2010 All-Star Game

2010 All-Star Game Official Logo

2010 All-Star Game Official Logo

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Angel Stadium of Anaheim
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2010 All Star Game

Line Score | Box Score | Play-by-Play

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
National 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 3 7 1
American 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 6 0
Ubaldo Jimenez
Josh Johnson (3rd)
Hong-Chih Kuo (5th)
Heath Bell (5th)
Roy Halladay (6th)
Matt Capps (6th, W)
Adam Wainwright (7th, H)
Brian Wilson (8th, H)
Jonathan Broxton (9th, S)
David Price
Andy Pettitte (3rd)
Cliff Lee (4th)
Justin Verlander (5th)
Jon Lester (6th, H)
Phil Hughes (7th, H, L)
Matt Thornton (7th)
Andrew Bailey (7th)
Rafael Soriano (8th)
Jose Valverde (9th)
None None

2010 All-Star Game

National League All-Star Squad

Heath Bell (2) San Diego Padres P
Michael Bourn (1) Houston Astros OF
6. Ryan Braun (3) Milwaukee Brewers LF
Jonathan Broxton (2) Los Angeles Dodgers P
Marlon Byrd (1) Chicago Cubs OF
Matt Capps (1) Washington Nationals P
Chris Carpenter (3) St. Louis Cardinals P Did Not Pitch
7. Andre Ethier (1) Los Angeles Dodgers CF
Rafael Furcal (2) Los Angeles Dodgers SS Replaced Reyes
Yovani Gallardo (1) Milwaukee Brewers P Injured / Did Not Pitch
Adrian Gonzalez (3) San Diego Padres 1B
Roy Halladay (7) Philadelphia Phillies P
8. Corey Hart (2) Milwaukee Brewers OF Replaced Heyward
Jayson Heyward (1) Atlanta Braves RF Injured / Did Not Play
Matt Holliday (4) St. Louis Cardinals OF
4. Ryan Howard (3) Philadelphia Phillies 1B
Tim Hudson (3) Atlanta Braves P Did Not Pitch
Omar Infante (1) Atlanta Braves 2B/SS
Ubaldo Jimenez (1) Colorado Rockies P Starting Pitcher
Josh Johnson (2) Florida Marlins P
Hong-Chih Kuo (1) Los Angeles Dodgers P ReplacedWagner
Tim Lincecum (3) SanFranciscoGiants P Did Not Pitch
Brian McCann (5) Atlanta Braves C Most Valuable Player
Evan Meek (1) Pittsburgh Pirates P Did Not Pitch
9. Yadier Molina (2) St. Louis Cardinals C
Brandon Phillips (1) Cincinnati Reds 2B
2. Martin Prado (1) Atlanta Braves 2B Replaced Utley
3. Albert Pujols (9) St. Louis Cardinals 1B
1. Hanley Ramirez (3) Florida Marlins SS
Jose Reyes (3) New York Mets SS Replaced Tulowitzki / Did Not Play
Arthur Rhodes (1) Cincinnati Reds P Did Not Pitch
Scott Rolen (6) Cincinnati Reds 3B
Troy Tulowitzki (1) Colorado Rockies SS Injured / Did Not Play
Chase Utley (5) PhiladelphiaPhillies 2B Injured / Did Not Play
Joey Votto (1) Cincinnati Reds 1B All-Star Final Vote Winner
Billy Wagner (7) Atlanta Braves P Replaced Heyward / Did Not Pitch
Adam Wainwright (1) St. Louis Cardinals P
Brian Wilson (2) San Francisco Giants P
5. David Wright (5) New York Mets 3B
Chris Young (1) Arizona Diamondbacks OF
2010 National League All-Star Official Roster | Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

2010 All-Star Game

American League All-Star Squad

Elvis Andrus (1) Texas Rangers SS
Andrew Bailey (2) Oakland Athletics P
Jose Bautista (1) Toronto Blue Jays OF
Adrian Beltre (1) Boston Red Sox 3B
Clay Buchholz (1) Boston Red Sox P Injured / Did Not Pitch
John Buck (1) Toronto Blue Jays C Replaced Martinez
3. Miguel Cabrera (5) Detroit Tigers 1B
Trevor Cahill (1) Oakland Athletics P Ineligible: Conflict With Start
8. Robinson Cano (2) New York Yankees 2B
Fausto Carmona (1) Cleveland Indians P Did Not Pitch
9. Carl Crawford (4) Tampa Bay Rays OF
Neftali Feliz (1) Texas Rangers P Did Not Pitch
5. Vladimir Guerrero (9) Texas Rangers DH
4. Josh Hamilton (3) Texas Rangers OF
Phil Hughes (1) New York Yankees P
Torii Hunter (4) Los Angeles Angels OF
2. Derek Jeter (11) New York Yankees SS
Paul Konerko (4) Chicago White Sox 1B Replaced Morneau
Cliff Lee (2) Texas Rangers P
Jon Lester (1) Boston Red Sox P
6. Evan Longoria (3) Tampa Bay Rays 3B
Victor Martinez (4) Cleveland Indians C Injured / Did Not Play
7. Joe Mauer (4) Minnesota Twins C
Justin Morneau (4) Minnesota Twins 1B Injured / Did Not Play
David Ortiz (5) Boston Red Sox DH
Dustin Pedroia (3) Boston Red Sox 2B Injured / Did Not Play
Andy Pettitte (3) New York Yankees P Replaced Buchholz
David Price (1) Tampa Bay Rays P Starting Pitcher
Mariano Rivera (11) New York Yankees P
Alex Rodriguez (13) New York Yankees 3B
CC Sabathia (4) New York Yankees P Ineligible: Conflict With Start
Rafael Soriano (1) Tampa Bay Rays P
1. Ichiro Suzuki (10) Seattle Mariners OF
Nick Swisher (1) New York Yankees OF All-Star Final Vote Winner
Matt Thornton (1) Chicago White Sox P
Jose Valverde (2) Detroit Tigers P
Justin Verlander (3) Detroit Tigers P Replaced Sabathia
Jered Weaver (4) Los Angeles Angels P Ineligible: Conflict With Start
Vernon Wells (3) Toronto Blue Jays OF
Ty Wigginton (1) Baltimore Orioles 2B/SS

2010 American League All-Star Official Roster | Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

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The designated hitter became a permanent position during the 2010 Midsummer Classic and all future All-Star Games - regardless of the site where its played - will also use the DH rather than having pitchers hit for themselves. In the Notes section of the official rosters seen above, a new entry also appears here in the 2010 All-Star Game - Ineligible: Conflict With Start. This was another new rule change which stated pitchers who started a regular-season game on the Sunday immediately before the All-Star Game are now considered ineligible to pitch. Those affected by the new rules were: Trevor Cahill , CC Sabathia & Jered Weaver .

Did you know that this was the first All-Star Game to ever be simultaneously broadcast in 3D? Joe Buck & Tim McCarver handled the "regular" broadcast booth duties while Kenny Albert & Mark Grace called the 3D version.

How do you feel about the players being selected? Are the fans making the correct choices or are they voting for their team favorites - which still might be the right choice. Tell us your opinion on Baseball Fever .

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