2011 All-Star Game

The 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game will be the 82nd midseason exhibition between the all-stars of the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). The game will be played on July 12, 2011, at Chase Field, the home of the National League Arizona Diamondbacks.

The controversial SB1070 anti-illegal immigration bill passed by Arizona's government and signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer has many fans, players and organizations (New York Daily News, CBS Sports, the Los Angeels Times) upset and Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig has been asked to move the game to another location. Others are considering asking club owners, sponsors and even the players to boycott the All-Star game if the law is implemented and the game remains in Phoenix. However on May 13th, 2010, Selig announced that he expects the game to be played at Chase Field in Phoenix as planned.

The American League will not look back on the 2011 All-Star Game with fond memories. Six of the league's top pitchers were not available. Josh Beckett, who was expected to start, was unable to because he tweaked his knee while warming up. All nine pitchers who entered the game for the A.L. were appearing in their first All-Star game!

So, after going thirteen years without a Midsummer Classic loss, the junior circuit lost for the second year in a row, 5-1.

The National League sent out its share of All-Star rookies also, but skipper Bruce Bochy was able to get through almost half the game with just two Phillies, veterans Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee.

Adrian Gonzalez did get to Lee for a two-out home run in the fourth inning to score the only A.L. run. Lee then gave up singles to Jose Bautista and Josh Hamilton. Bochy lifted the ace for All-Star rookie Tyler Clippard, who went home with the win even though he gave up a single to the only batter he faced, Adrian Beltre!

Thank you Hunter Pence: When Bautista tried to score from second on a sharp single to left field, Pence nailed him with a throw to Brian McCann at the plate

One after another, a hard-throwing senior circuit pitcher came to the mound and shut down the American League's hitters for the second straight year. Other than Gonzalez's homer, the A.L. managed only five singles.

So how did the N.L. become king once again? "It's hard to beat great pitching and a three‑run homer," winning National League manager Bruce Bochy said with a smile. Fielder became the first Brewers player to hit an All-Star Game home run and win the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, which is quite impressive; the franchise was born in 1969 as the Seattle Pilots and moved to Milwaukee a year later. The uber short list of great Brewers players includes a pair of Hall of Famers: Robin Yount and Paul Molitor, both members of the 3,000 Hits Club, but never attained this particular honor.

The National League retains home field advantage in the World Series for the second consecutive year, but the American League remains confident having won twelve of the previous fourteen - minus that infamous tie in 2002.

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"It's real cool," (Prince) Fielder said during a postgame ceremony for his MVP Award . "I'm just happy I was able to be here, glad my kids are here with me too and my wife. It's been a great time." - The Miami Herald Baseball Wire (07/13/2011, 'Fielder named MVP of 2011 All-Star Game', Source )

2011 All-Star Game

2011 All-Star Game Official Logo

2011 All-Star Game Official Logo

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Date / Box Score
Chase Field
Attendance ( Rank )
The Star Spangled Banner
Jordan Sparks (AmericanIdolWinner)
God Bless America
Michelle Branch (Grammy Award Winning Singer)
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Mike Quade

2011 All Star Game

Line Score | Box Score | Play-by-Play

League 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
American 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 6 0
National 0 0 0 3 1 0 1 0 x 5 9 2
Jered Weaver
David Robertson (2 nd )
Michael Pineda (3 rd )
C.J. Wilson (L, 4 th )
Jordan Walden (5 th )
Chris Perez (6 th )
Brandon League (7 th )
Alexi Ogando (8 th )
Gio Gonzalez (8 th )
Roy Halladay
Cliff Lee (3 rd )
Tyler Clippard (W, 4 th )
Clayton Kershaw (H, 5 th )
Jair Jurrjens (H, 6 th )
Craig Kimbrel (H, 7 th )
Jonny Venters (8 th )
Heath Bell (8 th )
Joel Hanrahan (9 th )
Brian Wilson (S, 9 th )
Adrian Gonzalez (4 th ) Prince Fielder (4 th )

2011 All-Star Game

American League All-Star Squad

9. Alex Avila (1) Detroit Tigers C
4. Jose Bautista (2) Toronto Blue Jays OF
Josh Beckett (3) Boston Red Sox P
6. Adrian Beltre (2) Texas Rangers 3B
2. Asdrubal Cabrera (1) Cleveland Indians SS
Miguel Cabrera (6) Detroit Tigers 1B
8. Robinson Cano (3) New York Yankees 2B
Aaron Crow (1) Kansas City Royals P Did Not Pitch
Michael Cuddyer (1) Minnesota Twins OF
Jacoby Ellsbury (1) Boston Red Sox OF
3. Adrian Gonzalez (4) Boston Red Sox 1B
Gio Gonzalez (1) Oakland Athletics P
1. Curtis Granderson (2) New York Yankees OF
5. Josh Hamilton (4) Texas Rangers OF
Felix Hernandez (2) Seattle Mariners P Ineligible / Did Not Pitch
Derek Jeter (12) New York Yankees SS Injured / Did Not Play
Matt Joyce (1) Tampa Bay Rays OF
Howard Kendrick (1) Los Angeles Angels 2B
Paul Konerko (5) Chicago White Sox 1B All-Star Final Vote
Brandon League (1) Seattle Mariners P
Jon Lester (2) Boston Red Sox P Replaced Hernandez & Injured / Did Not Pitch
Russell Martin (3) New York Yankees C
Alexi Ogando (1) Texas Rangers P Replaced Sabathia
7. David Ortiz (7) Boston Red Sox DH
Jhonny Peralta (1) Detroit Tigers SS Replaced Jeter
Chris Perez (1) Cleveland Indians P
Michael Pineda (1) Seattle Mariners P Replaced Verlander
David Price (2) Tampa Bay Rays P Injured / Did Not Pitch
Carlos Quentin (2) Chicago White Sox OF
Mariano Rivera (12) New York Yankees P Injured / Did Not Pitch
David Robertson (1) New York Yankees P Replaced Price
Alex Rodriguez (14) New York Yankees 3B Injured / Did Not Play
Ricky Romero (1) Toronto Blue Jays P Replaced Lester / Did Not Pitch
CC Sabathia (5) New York Yankees P Replaced Shields & Ineligible / Did Not Pitch
James Shields (1) Tampa Bay Rays P Ineligible / Did Not Pitch
Jose Valverde (3) Detroit Tigers P Designated Team Closer
Justin Verlander (4) Detroit Tigers P Ineligible / Did Not Pitch
Jordan Walden (1) Los Angeles Angels P Replaced Rivera
Jered Weaver (2) Los Angeles Angels P Starting Pitcher
Matt Wieters (1) Baltimore Orioles C
C.J. Wilson (1) Texas Rangers P
Kevin Youkilis (3) Boston Red Sox 3B Replaced Rodriguez
Michael Young (7) Texas Rangers DH
2011 American League All-Star Official Roster | Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

2011 All-Star Game

National League All-Star Squad

Heath Bell (3) San Diego Padres P
2. Carlos Beltran (6) New York Mets OF
6. Lance Berkman (6) St. Louis Cardinals OF
Ryan Braun (4) Milwaukee Brewers OF Injured / Did Not Play
Jay Bruce (1) Cincinnati Reds OF
Matt Cain (2) San Francisco Giants P Ineligible / Did Not Pitch
Starlin Castro (1) Chicago Cubs SS
Tyler Clippard (1) Washington Nationals P
Kevin Correia (1) Pittsburgh Pirates P Replaced Hamels / Did Not Pitch
Andre Ethier (2) Los Angeles Dodgers OF Replaced Victorino
4. Prince Fielder (3) Milwaukee Brewers 1B MVP
Roy Halladay (8) Philadelphia Phillies P Starting Pitcher
Cole Hamels (2) Philadelphia Phillies P
Joel Hanrahan (1) Pittsburgh Pirates P
7. Matt Holliday (5) St. Louis Cardinals OF
Chipper Jones (7) Atlanta Braves 3B Injured / Did Not Play
Jair Jurrjens (1) Atlanta Braves P
3. Matt Kemp (1) Los Angeles Dodgers OF
Clayton Kershaw (1) Los Angeles Dodgers P
Craig Kimbrel (1) Atlanta Braves P Replaced Cain
Cliff Lee (3) Philadelphia Phillies P
Tim Lincecum (4) San Francisco Giants P
5. Brian McCann (6) Atlanta Braves C
Andrew McCutchen (1) Pittsburgh Pirates OF Replaced Braun
Yadier Molina (3) St. Louis Cardinals C
Miguel Montero (1) Arizona Diamondbacks C Replaced Polanco
Hunter Pence (2) Houston Astros OF
Brandon Phillips (2) Cincinnati Reds 2B
Placido Polanco (2) Philadelphia Phillies 3B Injured / Did Not Play
Jose Reyes (4) New York Mets SS Injured / Did Not Play
9. Scott Rolen (7) Cincinnati Reds 3B Replaced Jones
Gaby Sanchez (1) Florida Marlins 1B
Pablo Sandoval (1) San Francisco Giants 3B Replaced Reyes
8. Troy Tulowitzki (2) Colorado Rockies SS
Justin Upton (2) Arizona Diamondbacks OF
Jonny Venters (1) Atlanta Braves P
Shane Victorino (2) Philadelphia Phillies OF All-Star Final Vote & Injured / Did Not Play
Ryan Vogelsong (1) San Francisco Giants P Did Not Pitch
Joey Votto (2) Cincinnati Reds 1B
1. Rickie Weeks (1) Milwaukee Brewers 2B
Brian Wilson (3) San Francisco Giants P Designated Team Closer

2011 National League All-Star Official Roster | Bold = Fan-Elected Starter

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Of the four father-son All-Star Game tandems ( Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds ; Ray Boone , Bob Boone , and Bret Boone ; Ken Griffey and Ken Griffey, Jr. ; and Cecil Fielder and Prince Fielder ) who were in the starting All-Star Game line-up over the years, the Fielders became the first to each start in the clean-up spot.

This will be the first All-Star Game ever played at the Arizona Diamondbacks home field, Chase Field, and the first one ever played in the State of Arizona.

For the first time in All-Star Game history, each of the two home runs hit were lefty batters versus lefty pitchers ( Adrian Gonzalez versus Cliff Lee and Prince Fielder versus C.J. Wilson ).

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