2019 Baseball Player of the Week Award

Major League Baseball Players of the Week in 2019

The 2019 American League Player of the Week and 2019 National League Player of the Week Award are an extension to the Baseball Player of Month and Baseball Pitcher of the Month Award issued by Major League Baseball.

Each recipient below won the Baseball Player of the Week Award during the 2019 regular season. A Press Release (P.R.) is next to each winner that leads to MLB.com (showing why they were selected for that week) and at the bottom of page are links to earlier Player of the Week Award (2003 through 2019) winners.

"When I do adjust to the competition, I've shown that I can be very successful. There was a point last year where I went from being a player who wasn't as comfortable as he could've been to a player who was comfortable, confident and playing very well." - Charlie Blackmon on MLB.com (Thomas Harding, 02/03/2014, 'Blackmon confident he can clear spring hurdle', Source )
2019 Baseball Player of the Week Award

2019 A.L. Player of the Week Award | 2019 N.L. Player of the Week Award

Date / Week

A.L. Player of the Week (Team)

N.L. Player of the Week (Team)

03-25 — 03-31

04-01 — 04-07

04-08 — 04-14

04-15 — 04-21

04-22 — 04-28

04-29 — 05-05

05-06 — 05-12

05-13 — 05-19

05-20 — 05-26

05-27 — 06-02

06-03 — 06-09

06-10 — 06-16

06-17 — 06-23

06-24 — 06-30

07-01 — 07-07

07-08 — 07-14

07-15 — 07-21

07-22 — 07-28

07-29 — 08-04

08-05 — 08-11

08-12 — 08-18

08-19 — 08-25

08-26 — 09-01

09-02 — 09-08

09-09 — 09-15

09-16 — 09-22

09-23 — 09-29

Date / Week

A.L. Player of the Week (Team)

N.L. Player of the Week (Team)

2019 Baseball Player of the Week Award | Baseball Awards Menu

Do you know which 2019 Player of the Week went on to to win the Player of the Month Award ? Click the link, research the data, and find out today!
Pitchers are eligible to win the Player of the Week Award, but cannot win the Player of the Month instead they are eligible for the Pitcher of the Month Award .

Did you know that if you click ANY player name on the chart above you can review their weekly stats to see why the won? Click a name, next to the year click the link in the G (Games Played) column and daily hitting or pitching logs will appear.
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