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More than 12,000 baseball card sets exist. More than a million baseball cards exist. When did it all start? Historian Dan Holmes once wrote, "In the beginning, God made man. Then, man produced...the baseball card. Several years later, man produced the insert card. Well, no one's perfect."

Baseball Almanac is going to try and be just that, perfect. We are going to attempt to build a baseball card database that catalogs, in an easy to use online format, every baseball card and baseball card set ever made in history. From tobacco cards through one-of-one inserts, Baseball Almanac is going to create the ultimate baseball card database.

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"They (baseball cards) were beautiful and reassuring to behold, brand new and glistening crisply in their packages. Stuck behind glass partitions and stacked on counters. An indication that the world was still in order, a promise of pleasant days and easeful nights." - Author Fred C. Harris in The Great American Baseball Card, Trading and Bubble-Gum Book (1973)

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Did you know that Hall of Fame catcher Gary Carter was an avid baseball card collector who said during a 1994 interview that he had every Topps card manufactured from 1959 through 1993 (except 1962)?

Was Honus Wagner anti-tobacco long before his time, or did he simply have a sharp business sense? This has been documented and debated by historians on both side of the fence for decades. What is not debatable is the value of T-206 card (pictured above) with his picture on it - the most valuable baseball card ever produced. In 1991 hockey hall of famer Wayne Gretzky paid $451,000 for one. In 1996 Wal-Mart gave away a Wagner T-206 in a contest. The winner sold it in an auction for approximately $500,000. In July 2000 collector Brian Seigel bought one on eBay for $1.2 million and has since been offered more than $2 million for the card.

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