Harvard University Baseball Players Who Made it to the Major Leagues

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive chart of every Harvard University alumni who played baseball at Harvard University AND made it to the Major League level.

"You (Jocko Conlon / former Harvard University baseball player [1917-1922]) are one umpire who could have umpired in the old days." - Hall of Fame Umpire Bill Klem
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Harvard University M.L.B. Player Alumni

The Harvard University baseball program started in 1871, Jim Tyng was the first former Crimson player to make it to the Major League level — appearing in his first game on September 23, 1879. Names that appear on the chart above in bold print are in the Harvard University Hall of Fame.
Did you know that there were nineteen former Harvard University ballplayers who made it to the majors? Send updates to Baseball Almanac .
Mike Stenhouse played at Harvard University from 1977 through 1979, and finished his college career with a record setting career .422 batting average, and the single season .475 (in 1977) batting average marks!
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