Kent State University Baseball Players Who Made it to the Major Leagues

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive chart of every Kent State University alumni who played baseball at the Kent State University AND made it to the Major League level.

" Dustin Hermanson looked sharp early in camp, then allowed 13 runs in seven innings. But nobody else seems to be challenging him for the No. 5 job in the rotation." - SportsLine : Giants report: Notes, quotes (March 30, 2004)
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Kent State University M.L.B. Player Alumni

The Kent State University baseball program started in 1914, Rich Rollins was their first player to make it to the Major League level. Six former Major League baseball players attended Kent State who did not play for the Golden Flashes. They are: Bob Addis , Steve Huntz , Ron Negray , Bob Nieman , Al Oliver & Paul Stuffel .

The Kent State University official site has a truly wonderful Intercollegiate Athletics Mission Statement and Objectives — easily one of the best we have ever seen:


    The Intercollegiate Athletic program at Kent State University competes at the highest National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I level (IA for football) and provides select men and women with the opportunity, challenge and support to achieve their full academic and athletic potential, while operating as an integral part of the University's educational mission.


    Intercollegiate Athletics intends to intensify its pursuit of its nine major categories of objectives within the current planning horizon:

    • Support and enhance University mission and objectives by furnishing an academic support system that enables student athletes to graduate in a timely fashion and at a higher rate than in the overall University undergraduate population.
    • Prepare student athletes to be responsible citizens who make positive contributions to society.
    • Facilitate competition in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) at an echelon meriting regional and national post-season play.
    • Comply with the spirit and letter of MAC and NCAA rules and support the associations', as well as the University's, principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct.
    • Employ and develop coaches who are also teachers and role models devoted to the welfare of student athletes.
    • Achieve gender equity and be proactive regarding the intent of affirmative action in the recruitment and retention of student athletes and the hiring of coaches and athletic staff.
    • Augment attendance and revenue, so as to encourage esprit de corps and stimulate monetary contributions from alumni, friends and corporations.
    • Operate in financial solvency.
    • Represent the University in an exemplary fashion to alumni, friends, prospective students, and the general public, as well as play an active role in the community of Northeastern Ohio.

      Source: Mission Statement, Kent State University Website.

Did you know that there are twenty-four former Kent State baseball players who made it to the majors? Send updates to Baseball Almanac .

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