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Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a comprehensive chart of every University of South Florida alumni who played baseball at the University of South Florida AND made it to the Major League level.

"Speaking as a coach, when you can sign a big-league guy, he instantly becomes an asset on the field and in the clubhouse. I think this is a great signing for the Amarillo Dillas, the Texas-Louisiana League and most of all, the people of Amarillo. It's not often you get the chance to sign a player with the background that Scott Hemond has. I think it is fitting he is our first sign for the 1999 season." - Manager Daren Brown
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University of South Florida M.L.B. Player Alumni

The University of South Florida baseball program started in 1966, Chris Welsh was the first former Bull to make it to the Major League level.
The South Florida Bulls play their home games on Red McEwen Field and have since their first season. Some interesting fast facts about their ballpark:

"Through the first 11 seasons the facility was known simply as the USF Baseball Field.

In 1976 New York Yankees George Steinbrenner donated lights for the facility and the current stands were also erected. The concessions stand and restrooms were added in 1982 while the press box was added a year later.

The field was dedicated in honor of James M. "Red" McEwen on March 30, 1977, prior to a game against the University of Florida. McEwen was a Tampa sportsman and civic leader in was active in the early efforts to establish USF in Hillsborough County in the 1950s. He died in the summer of 1976.

The plaque at the facility honoring McEwen reads: This facility stands and serves as a living memorial to the sports contribution made to this community by James M. 'Red' McEwen and the man himself a brilliant athlete, Red McEwen was a participant, coach, promoter and a major supporter of athletics in the state of Florida in general , in Tampa in particular. Dedicated March 30, 1977.

The first night game at Red McEwen Field was Feb. 26, 1977 against the University of Tampa. A new lighting system was installed in 1997.

The field's dimensions are 335 down the left- and right-field lines, 365 feet to left- and right-center field, and 390 to center field."

Source: Red McEwen Field ( link ) on University of South Florida Site

Did you know that there were fifteen former University of South Florida ballplayers and three former non-players ( Tony La Russa , Eric Soderholm , Ben Hayes ) who made it to the majors? Send updates to Baseball Almanac .
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