Brothers in Baseball (Jorgens through Zimmerman)

Three-hundred fifty plus brother combinations have played Major League baseball. Some were twins and some got to play on the same team. Listed below is the first set of Major League brothers.

"I would like to see the greed, selfishness and hate eliminated from our game." - Hall of Famer Joe Sewell (brother of Luke & Tommie Sewell)

The Baseball Family Tree

Brothers Aar-Jon / Brothers Jor-Zim

Jorgens-Perry Pfeffer-Zimmerman

Art Jorgens
Orville Jorgens

Jason Phillips
Kyle Phillips

Heinie Kappel
Joe Kappel

Big Jeff Pfeffer
Jeff Pfeffer

George Kell
Skeeter Kell

Dave Pierson
Dick Pierson

Charlie Keller
Hal Keller

Jay Pike
Lip Pike

Alex Kellner
Walt Kellner

Ed Pipgras
George Pipgras

George Kelly
Ren Kelly

Dykes Potter
Squire Potter

Jim Kennedy
Junior Kennedy

Robb Quinlan
Tom Quinlan

Marty Keough
Joe Keough

Dave Rajsich
Gary Rajsich

Steve Kiefer
Mark Kiefer

John Reccius
Phil Reccius

Bill Killefer
Red Killefer

Prentice Redman
Tike Redman

Matt Kilroy
Mike Kilroy

Paul Reuschel
Rick Reuschel

Billy Klaus
Bobby Klaus

Harold Reynolds
Don Reynolds

Bill Kling
Johnny Kling

Dick Ricketts
Dave Ricketts

Mike Knode
Ray Knode

Elmer Riddle
Johnny Riddle

Fritz Knothe
George Knothe

Cal Ripken, Jr.
Billy Ripken

Larry Kopf
Wally Kopf

Bruce Robinson
Dave Robinson

Mike Krsnich
Rocky Krsnich

Fred Robinson
Wilbert Robinson

Marcel Lachemann
Rene Lachemann

Gary Roenicke
Ron Roenicke

Johnny Lanning
Tom Lanning

Oscar Roettger
Wally Roettger

Carney Lansford
Jody Lansford

Andrew Romine
Austin Romine

Barry Larkin
Steve Larkin

Vicente Romo
Enrique Romo

Adam LaRoche
Andy LaRoche

Gene Roof
Phil Roof

Al Lary
Frank Lary

Harry Rosenberg
Lou Rosenberg

Matt Lawton
Marcus Lawton
Tyson Ross
Joe Ross

Al Leiter
Mark Leiter

Braggo Roth
Frank Roth

Bill Lelivelt
Jack Lelivelt

Dave Rowe
Jack Rowe

Bill Lillard
Gene Lillard

Allan Russell
Lefty Russell

Frank Lobert
Hans Lobert

Bob Sadowski
Ed Sadowski
Ted Sadowski

Bruce Look
Dean Look

Bronson Sardinha
Dane Sardinha

Grover Lowdermilk
Lou Lowdermilk

Ed Sauer
Hank Sauer

Eric Ludwick
Ryan Ludwick

Dave Sax
Steve Sax

Julio Lugo
Ruddy Lugo

Jimmie Say
Lou Say

Billy Lush
Ernie Lush

Doc Scanlan
Frank Scanlan

Ken Macha
Mike Macha

Bobby Schang
Wally Schang

Quinn Mack
Shane Mack

Art Scharein
George Scharein

Greg Maddux
Mike Maddux

Boss Schmidt
Walter Schmidt

Mickey Mahler
Rick Mahler

Ham Schulte
Len Schulte

Fritz Maisel
George Maisel
Kyle Seager
Corey Seager

Frank Mancuso
Gus Mancuso

Luke Sewell
Joe Sewell
Tommy Sewell

Angel Mangual
Pepe Mangual

Orator Shafer
Taylor Shafer

John Mansell
Mike Mansell
Tom Mansell

Joe Shannon
Red Shannon

Frank Manush
Heinie Manush

Billy Shantz
Bobby Shantz

Josias Manzanillo
Ravelo Manzanillo

Monk Sherlock
Vince Sherlock

Marty Marion
Red Marion

Larry Sherry
Norm Sherry

Pedro Martinez
Ramon Martinez

Dave Sisler
Dick Sisler

Harry Maskrey
Leech Maskrey

Bill Sowders
John Sowders
Len Sowders

Christy Mathewson
Henry Mathewson

John Stafford
General Stafford

Cloy Mattox
Jim Mattox

Steve Stanicek
Pete Stanicek

Carlos May
Lee May

Buck Stanley
Joe Stanley

Erskine Mayer
Sam Mayer

Mel Stottlemyre, Jr.
Todd Stottlemyre

Lindy McDaniel
Von McDaniel

George Stovall
Jesse Stovall

Darnell McDonald
Donzell McDonald

B.J. Surhoff
Rich Surhoff

Alex McFarlan
Dan McFarlan

Darrell Sutherland
Gary Sutherland
Monte McFarland
Chappie McFarland
Jesse Tannehill
Lee Tannehill

Conny McGeehan
Dan McGeehan

Patsy Tebeau
George Tebeau

Barney McLaughlin
Frank McLaughlin

Henry Thielman
Jake Thielman

Bob Meusel
Irish Meusel

J.J. Thobe
Tom Thobe

Clyde Milan
Horace Milan

Bill Thomas
Roy Thomas

Jake Miller
Russ Miller

Homer Thompson
Tommy Thompson

Bing Miller
Ralph Miller

Faye Throneberry
Marv Throneberry

Damon Minor
Ryan Minor

Jim Tobin
Johnny Tobin

John Mitchell
Charlie Mitchell

Frank Torre
Joe Torre

Joe Moffett
Sam Moffett

Bill Traffley
John Traffley

Bengie Molina
Jose Molina
Yadier Molina

Fred Treacey
Pete Treacey

Bill Moriarty
George Moriarty

Alex Trevino
Bobby Trevino

Johnny Morrison
Phil Morrison

Babe Twombly
George Twombly

John Morrissey
Tom Morrissey

Fred Tyler
Lefty Tyler

Andy Mota
Jose Mota

Jim Tyrone
Wayne Tyrone

Eddie Murray
Rich Murray

Pat Underwood
Tom Underwood

Billy Myers
Lynn Myers

Bill Upton
Tom Upton

Graig Nettles
Jim Nettles

B.J. Upton
Justin Upton

Floyd Newkirk
Joel Newkirk

Jose Valentin
Javier Valentin

Phil Niekro
Joe Niekro

Chris Van Cuyk
Johnny Van Cuyk

Melvin Nieves
Wilbert Nieves

Ben Wade
Jake Wade

Jayson Nix
Laynce Nix

Butts Wagner
Honus Wagner

Otis Nixon
Donell Nixon

Dixie Walker
Ernie Walker

Chris Nyman
Nyls Nyman

Dixie Walker, Jr.
Harry Walker

Eddie O'Brien
Johnny O'Brien

Gee Walker
Hub Walker

Curly Ogden
Jack Ogden

Fleet Walker
Welday Walker

Chi-Chi Olivo
Diomedes Olivo

Lloyd Waner
Paul Waner

Jack O'Neill
Jim O'Neill
Mike O'Neill
Steve O'Neill

Allie Watt
Frank Watt


Eddie Onslow
Jack Onslow

Jered Weaver
Jeff Weaver
Jim O'Rourke
John O'Rourke
Rickie Week
Jemile Weeks

Baby Ortiz
Roberto Ortiz

Jim Westlake
Wally Westlake

Dennis O'Toole
Jim O'Toole

Gus Weyhing
John Weyhing

Dave Owen
Spike Owen

Mack Wheat
Zack Wheat

John Paciorek
Tom Paciorek
Jim Paciorek

Deacon White
Will White

Jay Parker
Doc Parker

Art Whitney
Frank Whitney

Jiggs Parrott
Tom Parrott

Gus Williams
Harry Williams

Camilo Pascual
Carlos Pascual

Hooks Wiltse
Snake Wiltse

Corey Patterson
Eric Patterson

Al Wingo
Ivey Wingo

Ham Patterson
Pat Patterson

Fred Wood
Pete Wood

Heinie Peitz
Joe Peitz

Todd Worrell
Tim Worrell

Ramon Pena
Tony Pena


George Wright
Harry Wright
Sam Wright

Henry Peploski
Pepper Peploski

Kirby Yates
Tyler Yates

Pascual Perez
Melido Perez
Carlos Perez

Len Yochim
Ray Yochim

Chan Perry
Herb Perry

Delmon Young
Dmitri Young

Gaylord Perry
Jim Perry

Larry Yount
Robin Yount

Bill Phillips
Barney Wolfe

Jeff Zimmerman
Jordan Zimmerman
Jorgens-Perry Pfeffer-Zimmerman

The Baseball Family Tree : Brothers

Did you know that Eddie Murray had a brother ( Rich Murray ) who played Major League baseball? How about Christy Mathewson

Marcel Lachemann and Rene Lachemann were both former Major League players AND former team managers of Major League franchises.

Felipe Alou , Matty Alou and Jesus Alou all played for the same team at the same time and set the record for most games appeared in by brothers with five-thousand one-hundred twenty-nine.

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