1997 Amateur Draft : First Round Picks

The first draft was held on June 8-9, 1965. The Major League franchises were able to choose from all high school seniors and college players.

Initially there were supposed to be three amateur drafts held each season. That original plan changed in 1964 and was reduced to two drafts with the first phase being held after High School graduations. The second phase was held in January of the following year and involved players who were drafted earlier, but were not signed by their franchise.

In 1986 the two-phase draft system was changed and instead of holding a second phase draft in January, franchises who could not sign their first round selections were awarded a supplemental first round pick the following amateur draft.

The first pick of the first round is awarded to the worst team in the American or National League. Each season the two leagues alternate the first pick and proceed through the first round in reverse order of finish from the previous season's standings.

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present the 1997 first round draft selections, the team they were chosen by, their position(s), and their college or home town at the time of the amateur draft.

"In that sense, failure was good. In my faith and belief, you're going to have your trials and your troubles, but what you do with them is what makes you the player and the person that you are. I know this year exactly where I stand and how to go about things." - J.D. Drew (2001)

First Round Draft Picks

# Selected By Name Position College or Hometown
1. Tigers Matt Anderson RHP Rice University
2. Phillies J.D. Drew OF Florida State University
3. Angels Troy Glaus 3B UCLA
4. Giants Jason Grilli RHP Seton Hall University
5. Blue Jays Vernon Wells OF Arlington, TX
6. Mets Geoff Goetz LHP Tampa, FL
7. Royals Dan Reichert RHP University of the Pacific
8. Pirates J.J. Davis 1B Pomona, CA
9. Twins Michael Cuddyer SS Chesapeake, VA
10. Cubs Jon Garland RHP Granada Hills, CA
11. Athletics Chris Enochs RHP West Virginia University
12. Marlins Aaron Akin RHP Cowley Community College
13. Brewers Kyle Peterson RHP Stanford University
14. Reds Brandon Larson SS Louisiana State University
15. White Sox Jason Dellaero SS University of South Florida
16. Astros Lance Berkman 1B Rice University
17. Red Sox John Curtice LHP Chesapeake, VA
18. Rockies Mark Mangum RHP Kingwood, TX
19. Mariners Ryan Anderson LHP Westland, MI
20. Cardinals Adam Kennedy SS Cal State Northridge
21. Athletics Eric DuBose LHP Mississippi State University
22. Orioles Jayson Werth C Chatham, IL
23. Expos Donnie Bridges RHP Hattiesburg, MS
24. Yankees Tyrell Godwin OF Elizabethtown, NC
25. Dodgers Glenn Davis 1B Vanderbilt University
26. Orioles Darnell McDonald OF Englewood, CO
27. Padres Kevin Nicholson SS Stetson University
28. Indians Tim Drew RHP Hahira, GA
29. Braves Troy Cameron SS Ft. Lauderdale, FL
30. Diamondbacks Jack Cust 1B Flemington, NJ
31. Devil Rays Jason Standridge RHP Trussville, AL

1997 First Round Draft Picks

The players who DO NOT have links to their Major League statistics DID NOT make it to the Major League level.

Baseball America magazine rated Matt Anderson as the top pitching prospect in college baseball thanks to his 10-1 record and 1.82 earned run average.

The 1997 Amateur Draft marked the first time where two brothers were selected during the first round: J.D. Drew was taken 2nd overall by the Philadelphia Phillies and his brother, Tim Drew , was chosen 28th by the Cleveland Indians .

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