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Baseball Almanac always needs work, always needs improvement, always needs corrections and if we don't receive your input then this will simply be another web site with mistakes.

Baseball Almanac ALSO wants and needs suggestions for improvements. If we don't know what you want then we can't make this the best possible baseball history site on the internet.

Please share your ideas, suggestions, and input on how to make Baseball Almanac better — what information would YOU add, where should we focus more developmental time, or what would simply make our site better than the other baseball sites on the web?

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"Baseball is the very symbol, the outward and visible expression of the drive and push and rush and struggle of the raging, tearing, booming nineteenth century." - Mark Twain

Baseball Almanac Contact Information

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Baseball Almanac Contact Information
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Baseball Almanac receives about 30 email suggestions, questions, comments, compliments, etcetera — every single day of the week!

Did you know that Baseball Almanac will reply to most email messages on the same day? Did you know that on Baseball Fever , our top-rated baseball message board, replies to serious history & trivia questions have appeared in less than sixty seconds?

Contact Baseball Almanac for help, for corrections, for questions about baseball history, we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and we truly appreciate each and every one of your ideas.

Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac9h
Happy Birthday Michael Young. DYK he is the ONLY player with 2,000+ career hits in a Texas Rangers uniform? Do you……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac09 Oct
RIP Whitey Ford. The Chairman of the Board. The Banty Rooster. 😢 [Go beyond his stats on #BaseballAlmanac:……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac04 Oct
In 2020, four Hall of Fame players have died (to date), but did you know seven of them died in 1972? See the resear……
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RIP Bob Gibson. […] Hoot made Cy Young history, Gold Glove Award history, Immaculate Inning h……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Sep
ICYMI: These three #Brewers turned 9th triple play in team history yesterday, going around-the-horn in the bottom o……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Sep
Allie Reynolds (L) #otd tossed his 2nd no-hitter in 1951. Superchief was 1st AL #pitcher with 2 in same season! Vir……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Sep
BATTING CHAMPION RECORDS: Updated. Included Juan Soto in the fast facts, where we discuss both the youngest & oldes……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Sep
A 5️⃣1️⃣-minute baseball game? It happened #otd (September 28) in #baseball #history, setting a #MLB record in Base……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac28 Sep
Thanks for sharing that with your followers Jake. I'll get that last triple play added to the research list before……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac25 Sep
Al Kaline, #otd 1955, became youngest #battingchampion in #baseball #history, passing #record set previously by Ty……
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Mickey Lolich (…) retired in 1979, 2,832 career Ks - most in #MLB #history by LHP! #Record is……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac23 Sep
UPDATED: Cleo James. New home address, a great quote by Tommy Lasorda, a little #research, and some totally useless……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac23 Sep
@maciejzgitara They really do - I just found an entire book dedicated to the subject!
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac22 Sep
Love the photo Joey! Thank you for tagging us. Now bring some of that "Orioles fan, history nerd" over to……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac21 Sep
The #NEWYORK #Giants, winners of 17 NL pennants, had 351 different players hit a HR in their uniform. The last, bef……
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac21 Sep
The last #MLB game played in #BravesField, home of the #Boston #Braves, was played #otd 1952. The…
Baseball Almanac@BaseballAlmanac21 Sep
John Clarkson won his 300th career game #otd 1892. #BaseballAlmanac, 128 years later, added #newspaper story to his……
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