Baseball History on June 14

Baseball history on June 14, including a list of every Major League baseball player born on June 14, a list of every Major League baseball player who died on June 14, a list of every Major League baseball player who made their big league debut on June 14, and a list of every Major League baseball player whose final big league game was on June 14.

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"No matter how your mind works, baseball reaches out to you. If you're an emotional person, baseball asks for your heart. If you are a thinking man or a thinking woman, baseball wants your opinion. Whether you are left-brain or right-brain, Type A or Type Z, whether your mind is bent towards mathematics or toward history or psychology or geometry, whether you are young or old, baseball has its way of asking for you. If you are a reader, there is always something new to read about baseball, and always something old. If you are a sedentary person, a TV watcher, baseball is on TV; if you always have to be going somewhere, baseball is somewhere you can go. If you are a collector, baseball offers you a hundred things that you can collect. If you have children, baseball is something you can do with children; if you have parents and cannot talk to them, baseball is something you can still talk to them about." - Baseball Historian Bill James in The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (Free Press Publishing, 06/13/2003, "Part 1: The Game", Page 5)

Baseball History on June 14

Baseball Births on June 14 / Baseball Deaths on June 14

Played First Game on June 14
1879 - George Adams
1882 - Tom O'Brien
1883 - Charlie Kelly
1884 - Joe Gunson
1884 - Tom Lee
1884 - John Mulligan
1884 - Frank Siffell
1890 - Tim O'Rourke
1892 - Bert Abbey
1893 - Bill Rotes
1905 - Frank Moore
1907 - Fred Smith
1907 - Bill Sweeney
1910 - Tommy Mee
1912 - Roland Howell
1913 - Jack Powell
1921 - Red Ostergard
1923 - Allen Elliott
1925 - Tom Sullivan
1932 - Rip Sewell
1934 - Joe Holden
1939 - Bob Prichard
1941 - Charlie Marshall
1949 - Dino Restelli
1956 - Eddie Bressoud
1957 - Johnny Roseboro
1959 - Dick Ricketts
1964 - Dave Gray
1969 - Johnny Jeter
1970 - Steve Dunning
1970 - Jim Kennedy
1973 - Mark Littell
1974 - Jesus Hernaiz
1974 - Steve Swisher
1975 - Kerry Dineen
1976 - Frank MacCormack
1980 - Joe Price
1982 - Terry Bogener
1983 - Cliff Pastornicky
1985 - Al Newman
1985 - Steve Ontiveros
1988 - Brad Moore
1991 - Calvin Jones
1992 - Eddie Tucker
1995 - Pat Ahearne
1996 - Darin Erstad
1996 - Manny Martinez
1998 - Ricky Ledee
1998 - Carlton Loewer
2000 - Willie Martinez
2001 - Brian Roberts
2002 - Duaner Sanchez
2003 - Jason Roach
2005 - Tim Corcoran
2005 - Chris Ray
2005 - Ryan Shealy
2007 - Clay Rapada
2008 - Eddie Bonine
2008 - Charlie Morton
2008 - Carlos Rosa
2011 - Chris Carpenter
2011 - Ryan Mattheus
2015 - Byron Buxton
2015 - Trevor Gott
2015 - Francisco Lindor
2016 - Zach Eflin
2016 - Ryan Schimpf
2016 - Michael Ynoa
2017 - Derek Fisher
2017 - Daniel Gossett
2017 - Ronald Herrera
2017 - David Washington
2019 - Rogelio Armenteros

Players Born on, Died on, Debut on, Finished on June 14

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Baseball history on June 14 includes a total of 42 Major League baseball players born that day of the year, 26 Major League baseball players who died on that date, 73 baseball players who made their Major League debut on that date, and 62 Major League baseball players who appeared in their final game that date.

Did you know that there were baseball players born on every date of the year and baseball players who died on every date of the year? Use the calendar below to select any date in baseball history.

Bill James, on the same page of the same book we used at the top of this page, said, "But as I began to do research on the history of baseball (in order to discuss the players more intelligently) I began to feel that there was a history a baseball that had not been written at that time, a history of good and ordinary players, a history of being a fan, a history of games that meant something at the time but mean nothing now." To that end, I have created Baseball Almanac. A site to worship baseball. A site by a fan who is trying to tell the history of good and ordinary baseball players .

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