Baseball History on August 27

Baseball history on August 27, including a list of every Major League baseball player born on August 27, a list of every Major League baseball player who died on August 27, a list of every Major League baseball player who made their big league debut on August 27, and a list of every Major League baseball player whose final big league game was on August 27.

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"No matter how your mind works, baseball reaches out to you. If you're an emotional person, baseball asks for your heart. If you are a thinking man or a thinking woman, baseball wants your opinion. Whether you are left-brain or right-brain, Type A or Type Z, whether your mind is bent towards mathematics or toward history or psychology or geometry, whether you are young or old, baseball has its way of asking for you. If you are a reader, there is always something new to read about baseball, and always something old. If you are a sedentary person, a TV watcher, baseball is on TV; if you always have to be going somewhere, baseball is somewhere you can go. If you are a collector, baseball offers you a hundred things that you can collect. If you have children, baseball is something you can do with children; if you have parents and cannot talk to them, baseball is something you can still talk to them about." - Baseball Historian Bill James in The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract (Free Press Publishing, 06/13/2003, "Part 1: The Game", Page 5)

Baseball History on August 27

Baseball Births on August 27 / Baseball Deaths on August 27

Played First Game on August 27
1877 - Josh Bunce
1877 - Jay Pike
1881 - Tony Mullane
1885 - Nate Kellogg
1887 - Bob Keating
1889 - Jack Doyle
1890 - Les German
1890 - Belden Hill
1890 - Dan Long
1890 - Joe McGuckin
1890 - Frank Motz
1890 - Tom Power
1890 - General Stafford
1891 - Frank Killen
1897 - Roger Bresnahan
1900 - Dummy Taylor
1905 - Ed Barry
1908 - Bob Vail
1913 - Jim Haislip
1913 - Rube Schauer
1914 - Fred McMullin
1922 - Ken Holloway
1928 - Jim Weaver
1933 - Alex McColl
1950 - Ray Herbert
1954 - Chick King
1966 - Len Church
1969 - Oscar Gamble
1972 - Sergio Robles
1972 - Jim Tyrone
1974 - Benny Ayala
1977 - Rafael Landestoy
1980 - John Martin
1982 - Rick Lancellotti
1982 - Mike Smithson
1989 - Chip Hale
1993 - Chris Turner
1995 - Mike Cameron
1996 - Doug Mirabelli
1997 - Bruce Aven
1997 - Jason Johnson
1997 - Abraham Nunez
1997 - Miguel Tejada
1998 - Stan Spencer
1998 - Jay Tessmer
1999 - Ramon Castro
1999 - Robert Ramsay
2000 - Tony Fiore
2003 - Geoff Geary
2003 - Doug Waechter
2004 - Frank Brooks
2004 - Maicer Izturis
2004 - Pedro Liriano
2006 - Chris Iannetta
2008 - Drew Carpenter
2008 - Jesse Chavez
2010 - Samuel Deduno
2010 - Scott Maine
2011 - Chris Marrero
2011 - Eric Surkamp
2012 - Casey Kelly
2013 - David Holmberg
2014 - Edwin Escobar
2014 - Jorge Soler
2014 - Jackson Williams
2016 - Dan Altavilla
2016 - Vicente Campos
2017 - Tyler Mahle
2017 - Zac Reininger
2017 - Chad Wallach
2018 - Murphy Smith
2019 - Rico Garcia
2019 - Sam Hilliard
2019 - Tyler Rogers

Players Born on, Died on, Debut on, Finished on August 27

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Baseball history on August 27 includes a total of 64 Major League baseball players born that day of the year, 21 Major League baseball players who died on that date, 74 baseball players who made their Major League debut on that date, and 51 Major League baseball players who appeared in their final game that date.

Did you know that there were baseball players born on every date of the year and baseball players who died on every date of the year? Use the calendar below to select any date in baseball history.

Bill James, on the same page of the same book we used at the top of this page, said, "But as I began to do research on the history of baseball (in order to discuss the players more intelligently) I began to feel that there was a history a baseball that had not been written at that time, a history of good and ordinary players, a history of being a fan, a history of games that meant something at the time but mean nothing now." To that end, I have created Baseball Almanac. A site to worship baseball. A site by a fan who is trying to tell the history of good and ordinary baseball players .

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