Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame

Every PCL Hall of Fame Member in Alphabetical Order

The Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame was created in 1942 by the Helms Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles. The foundation selected players, managers and executives who they felt best contributed to the ideals of the Pacific Coast League (PCL).

In the late 1950s, the PCL Hall of Fame went dormant for two reasons. The first was the westward moves of the Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants and the second was the death of Paul Helms. Without its main supporter and its two biggest markets, including the home of the hall itself, the Hall of Fame was largely forgotten.

In 2003, with the Pacific Coast League celebrating its 100th season, it was decided it would be the right time to bring back the Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame. its first new induction in 2003 twenty pre-1957 inductees were elected. Future elections have been open to players from both before and after the 1957 season.

"I'm excited. I'm honored. When you're a manager, you don't throw, you don't hit. What I achieved became a reality because of my players. They should get the credit." - Tommy Lasorda (Amanda Branam, 04/15/2006, 'Lasorda inducted to PCL Hall of Fame', Source )
Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame

Alphabetical Listed


Year Inducted Position(s)
Lou Almada 2014 Outfielder
Sandy Alomar, Jr. 2013 Catcher

Buzz Arlett

1945 First Baseman / Outfielder

Earl Averill

2009 Outfielder
Dave Barbee 2014 Outfielder

Dick "Kewpie" Barrett

-- Pitcher

Eddie Basinski

2006 Second Baseman

Johnny Bassler

1943 Catcher

Spider Baum

-- Pitcher
Carlos Bernier 2004 Outfielder
Dick Beverage 2017 Executive

Steve Bilko


First Baseman

Ike Boone

2003 Outfielder

Bobby Bragan

2010 Catcher / Manager

Frank Brazill

2007 Third Baseman

Joe Brovia

2005 Outfielder

Cece Carlucci

2003 Umpire
Del Crandall 2015 Manager

Doc Crandall

1943 Pitcher

Frankie Crosetti

2004 Shortstop
Bill Cutler 2005 Executive
Willie Davis 2016 Outfielder

Wheezer Dell

2008 Pitcher

Frank Demaree

2009 Outfielder

Pop Dillon

-- Infielder / Manager

Dom DiMaggio

2006 Outfielder

Joe DiMaggio

2003 Outfielder
Dick Dobbins 2018 Historian

Truck Eagan

2003 Outfielder

Ox Eckhardt

2003 Outfielder
Brick Eldred 2003 Outfielder

Babe Ellison

2006 Infielder
Dave Elmore 2014 Team Owner

J. Cal Ewing

-- Executive

Johnny Frederick

2005 Outfielder

Tony Freitas

2003 Pitcher
Ray French -- Infielder

Sam Gibson

2003 Pitcher

Charlie Graham

-- Manager / Executive

Dolly Gray

2008 Pitcher

Vean Gregg

2004 Pitcher
Marv Gudat 2018 Outfielder

Dick Gyselman

2003 Third Baseman

Fred Haney

2003 Third Baseman

Truck Hannah

-- Catcher
Cack Henley 2003 Pitcher
Happy Hogan -- Catcher
Wally Hood 2014 Outfielder

Roy Hitt

2004 Pitcher
Brooks Holder 2004 Outfielder
Fuzzy Hufft 2007 Outfielder

Elmer Jacobs

2005 Pitcher

Larry Jansen

2010 Pitcher
Smead Jolley 2003 Outfielder
Bob Joyce 2016 Pitcher

Frankie Kelleher

2004 Outfielder

Red Killefer

1945 Outfielder / Manager
Harry Krause -- Pitcher
Bill Lane -- Executive
Tommy Lasorda 2006 Manager
Jack Lelivelt -- Manager
Duffy Lewis 2012 Outfielder
Gene Lillard 2010 Third Baseman / Pitcher
Ad Liska 2003 Pitcher
Dario Lodigiani 2006 Infielder
Ernie Lombardi 2003 Catcher
Hal Luby 2003 Second Baseman
Mike Marshall 2012 First Baseman / Outfielder
Edgar Martinez 2013 Third Baseman / Designated Hitter
Joe Marty 2011 Outfielder
Gene Mauch 2004 Second Baseman
Walt McCredie -- Outfielder
Catfish Metkovich 2013 Outfielder
Kid Mohler 2012 Second Baseman
John Monroe 2011 Infielder
Johnny Moore 2009 Outfielder
Eddie Mulligan -- Third Baseman
Ted Norbert -- Outfielder
Lou Novikoff 2015 Outfielder
Lefty O'Doul -- Pitcher / Outfielder / Manager
Gaylord Perry 2015 Pitcher
Herman Pillette -- Pitcher
Ray Prim 2005 Pitcher
Billy Raimondi -- Catcher
Earl Rapp 2004 Outfielder
Jimmie Reese 2003 Second Baseman
Pants Rowland 2005 Executive
Buddy Ryan 2004 Outfielder
Tim Salmon 2016 Outfielder
Jack Salveson 2005 Pitcher
Les Scarsella 2017 First Baseman
Bill Schuster 2006 Shortstop
Earl Sheely 1943 First Baseman
Frank Shellenback 1943 Pitcher
Emil Sick 2007 Executive
Elmer Smith 2011 Outfielder
Jigger Statz 1943 Outfielder
Casey Stengel 2008 Manager
Paul Strand 2004 Outfielder
Lee Susman 2008 Sports Cartoonist
Bill Sweeney 2004 First Baseman
Fay Thomas 2004 Pitcher
Hal Turpin 2003 Pitcher
Frenchy Uhalt -- Outfielder
Ossie Vitt -- Third Baseman
Paul Waner 2007 Outfielder
Bill Weiss 2006 Executive
Max West 2003 Outfielder
Harry Williams -- Sportswriter / Executive

Artie Wilson

2003 Infielder


Year Inducted Position(s)

Pacific Coast League Hall of Fame | Bold = NBHOF

The original 1943 "class of five" named to the Pacific Coast League Hall were Johnny Bassler , Doc Crandall , Earl Sheely , Frank Shellenback and Jigger Statz .
The Pacific Coast League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Inc. (PCL) is one of three leagues (the International League and the Mexican League are the the other two) playing at the Triple-A level and it was founded in 1903.
Did you know that Lefty O'Doul won the first PCL Most Valuable Player Award in 1927 as a pitcher, but also has the most wins by any manager in PCL history?
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