Ed Farmer Trades and Transactions

The Ed Farmer trades and transactions seen below include all known instances where Ed Farmer has been involved in a trade or transaction of any type as it relates to baseball.

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Ed Farmer

Ed Farmer Autograph on a 1973 Topps (#272)
Ed Farmer Autograph on a 1973 Topps (#272)

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Birth Name: Edward Joseph Farmer
Nickname: Ed
Born On: 10-18-1949  (Libra)
Place of Birth Data Born In: Evergreen Park, Illinois
Year of Death Data Died On: Still Living
Place of Death Data Died In: Still Living
Cemetery: n/a
High School: St. Rita High School (Chicago, IL)
College: Chicago State
Batting Stances Chart Bats: Right Throwing Arms Chart Throws: Right
Player Height Chart Height: 6-05 Player Weight Chart Weight: 210
First Game: 06-09-1971 (Age 21)
Last Game: 10-02-1983
Draft: 1967 : 5th Round (91st)
Ed Farmer

Trades & Transactions

06-06-1967 Selected by Cleveland Indians in the 5th round of the free-agent draft (June 6, 1967 - signed June 12, 1967).
06-15-1973 Traded by Cleveland Indians to Detroit Tigers in exchange for Tom Timmermann and Kevin Collins (June 15, 1973).
03-19-1974 Traded by Detroit Tigers to New York Yankees as part of 3-team trade in which Detroit Tigers sent Jim Perry to Cleveland Indians ; Cleveland Indians sent Rick Sawyer and Walt Williams to New York Yankees ; and New York Yankees sent Jerry Moses to Detroit Tigers (March 19, 1974).
03-21-1974 Sold by New York Yankees to Philadelphia Phillies (March 21, 1974).
12-03-1974 Traded by Philadelphia Phillies to Milwaukee Brewers in exchange for Steve McCartney (December 3, 1974).
04-04-1976 Released by Milwaukee Brewers (April 4, 1976).
03-02-1977 Signed by Baltimore Orioles (March 2, 1977).
03-28-1978 Released by Baltimore Orioles (March 28, 1978).
04-01-1978 Signed by Milwaukee Brewers (April 1, 1978).
12-15-1978 Traded by Milwaukee Brewers with Gary Holle and cash to Texas Rangers in exchange for Reggie Cleveland (December 15, 1978).
06-15-1979 Traded by Texas Rangers with Gary Holle to Chicago White Sox in exchange for Eric Soderholm (June 15, 1979).
11-13-1981 Granted free agency (November 13, 1981).
01-28-1982 Signed by Philadelphia Phillies (January 28, 1982).
08-13-1983 Released by Philadelphia Phillies (August 13, 1983).
08-23-1983 Signed by Oakland Athletics (August 23, 1983).
03-26-1984 Released by Oakland Athletics (March 26, 1984).
02-13-1986 Signed by Pittsburgh Pirates (February 13, 1986).

Did you know that during the physical, if a team finds out that the player received during a trade is injured they may return the player to the originating team within ten days from the date the trade was made and void the entire contract?

The Baseball Almanac trades and transactions database includes Rule 5 Draft picks, free agency information, voided trades, waiver picks, expansion draft data, amateur draft data, player refusals, bonus babies, and many other types of not readily found anywhere on the Internet.

Baseball trades & transactions, like the Ed Farmer trades and transactions seen above, are an evolving field of research where new discoveries are often found and new player debuts are added to the data set almost daily.

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