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Many great men and women have written entire books about every aspect of the game; however, other than "Casey at the Bat," few know about some of the other great poems that have appeared honoring our national pastime.

Baseball Almanac goes beyond the stats and preserves every aspect of our national pastime, including this unprecendeted collection of baseball poems and baseball songs. each honor the game of baseball.

Baseball Almanac Top Quote

"I see great things in baseball." - Walt Whitman

Baseball Poetry

Classic Baseball Poems

by Anonymous
Nolan Ryan
by Gene Fehler
by Jack Buck
Numbers Game
by Richard Armour
A Baseball Ballad
by Author Not Known
by Jewell Dawson
A Change of Heart
by Barbara Feeney
Patient Hitter
by David D. Horowitz
A Swing And A Miss
by J. Patrick Lewis
Poem on Lou Gehrig's Award
by The New York Yankees
Along Came Ruth
by Ford C. Frick
Pull Hitter
by R. Gerry Fabian
Reasons for Rainbows
by J. Patrick Lewis
Anthem of Nicknames
by William "Sugar" Wallace
A Tip To Teddy
by Grantland Rice
Shortstop & Baseball Dreams
by Charles Ghigna
Base Ball
by Anonymous
Spahn & Sain
by Gerald V. Hern
by James J. Metcalfe
by Chuck Sullivan
Baseball and Writing
by Marianne Moore
Baseball Is
by Greg Hall
The Babe
by Anonymous
Baseball Parks
by J. Patrick Lewis
Baseball's Sad Lexicon
by Franklin P. Adams
The Base Stealer
by Robert Francis
Beyond The Great Mississippi
by Jordan A. Deutsch
The Crowd At The Ball Game
by William Carlos Williams
The Cure
by Katharine Harer
by David D. Horowitz
End of Winter
by Eve Merriam
The Great Mississippi
by Jordon A. Deutsch
The Great One
by Tom Clark
Father Time is Coming
by J. Patrick Lewis
The Home-Watcher
by Milton Bracker
First Time At Third
by Jacqueline Sweeney
The New Kid
by Mike Makley
The Umpire
by Milton Bracker
The Yankees
by Robert Lord Keyes
Frosty and the Babe
by John Robert McFarland
Game Called
by Grantland Rice
Tinker To Evers?
by Steve Vittori
Hammerin' Hank
by D. Roger Martin
by Milton Bracker
To Myrtilla, on Opening Day
by Franklin P. Adams
by Anonymous
by Gene Fehler
My Most Memorable Day
by Charlie Manuel
No. 714
by Anonymous
Future Expansion Area
by To Be Determined

Baseball Poetry

A Tribute To Casey

Casey At the Bat by Walt Disney World Productions

Casey at the Bat
by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Casey @ the Bat (Analytics)
by Mitchell Nathanson
Casey at the Bat (Road Game)
by Garrison Keillor
Casey in the Box
by Meyer Berger
Casey - Twenty Years Later
by Clarence P. McDonald
Casey's Revenge
by Grantland Rice
Finding Casey's Card
by Robert L. Harrison
He Never Heard of Casey!
by Grantland Rice
Hrbek at the Bat
by Phil Bolsta
Mookie at the Bat
by Mark Leff
Mudville's Fate
by Grantland Rice
Thatcher on the Hill
by Thomas Fronckowiak Jr.
The Cubs Last Game
by Bill Kirk

Baseball Poetry

Baseball Almanac Exclusive Contributors

1927 Yankees
by Robert L. Harrison
John Montgomery Ward
by Robert L. Harrison
1951: The Season
by Robert L. Harrison
Meeting "Newk" Again
by Robert L. Harrison
1953 Young Mantle Hits One
by Robert L. Harrison
New York Divorce
by Robert L. Harrison
1998: The Brooklyn Atlantics
by Robert L. Harrison
Old Tyme Baseball
by Robert L. Harrison
Bud Harrelson
by Robert L. Harrison
The Baseball Card Dealer
by Robert L. Harrison
by Thomas Michael McDade
Roger Connor
by Thomas Michael McDade
Cooperstown Calm
by Thomas Michael McDade
Ted Williams - Still Smiling
by Thomas Michael McDade
Fenway Bleachers
by Thomas Michael McDade
The Year I Jinxed Chicago
by Thomas Michael McDade
by Don Angel
Setting The Record
by Don Angel
Opening Day
by Don Angel
Strike of 1994
by Don Angel
Ballad of an Old Bum
by Don Z. Block
Base Ball Lord
by Don Z. Block
Ballad of Leo & Sam
by Don Z. Block
by Don Z. Block

Baseball Poetry

Original Poems Submitted by Baseball Almanac Visitors

The Ballad of Ted Schreiber
by David K. Moseder
Baseball Fan's Lament
by Jean H. Berkompas
The Batter
by Kenneth C. Hoffman
The Curse of the Bambino
by Bill E. Collins
Beisbol's Arrival
by Michael J. Bielawa
The Game I Love
by John McCluskey
Beyond a Game
by Jewel W.
The Game's True Leaders
by Juan A. Perez
by Guillermo Calderon, Jr.
The Machine
by Stephen Porter
Going Home
by Kristin M. Betzler
Guillen to Boone to Olerud
by John Pinza Todd
I'm a pitcher
by Andrew Peters
It's Still Just a Game
by Joseph Szeliga
Three Sewers
by Dave Mihal
Offseason Blues
by Steve Pellikaan
Unbridled Joy
by Greg Karas
Thanks Kid
by Joe Kyle
Future Expansion Area
by To Be Determined
You Could Look It Up
by David K. Moseder

Baseball Songs

In Alphabetical Order

by Jim Nuzzo
At Fenway
by Brian Evans
by Bob Dylan
Talkin' Baseball
by Terry Cashman
by John C. Fogerty
Cheap Seats
by Alabama
Talkin' Giants Baseball
by Terry Cashman
Talkin' Mets Baseball
by Terry Cashman
Dodger Blue
by Richard Aberdeen
Glory Days
by Bruce Springsteen
Talkin' Tiger Baseball
by Terry Cashman
Joltin' Joe DiMaggio
by Alan Courtney & Ben Homer
Talkin' Twins Baseball
by Terry Cashman
Life is a Ball Game
by Sister Winona Carr
Talkin' Yankees Baseball
by Terry Cashman
Play the Game
by Dean Taylor
The Game is Over
by Jim Nuzzo
Remember Me
by Jim Gaudet
The Greatest
by Kenny Rogers
Right Field
by Peter, Paul & Mary
The Umpire
by Mitch Miller
Slide, Kelly, Slide
by George J. Gaskin
Van Lingle Mungo
by David Frishberg

Baseball Music CD / Collection of Songs

by Artists Listed

Baseball Song Sports Heroes
by Joe Pickering Jr. & Phil Coley
Sports Songs and Beyond
by Joe Pickering Jr. & Phil Coley
Future Expansion Area
by To Be Determined
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Read and experience what friends felt about Lou Gehrig in Wonderful Iron Horse Lou then read the moving poem on the award given to him the day he left the game.
After you take a look at The Ballad of Old Rocky Nelson , spend a few more moments reading a truly superb article about his career.
Baseball Almanac is pleased to be one of the FEW sites anywhere on the net to bring baseball poetry to the fans of the game. Please share our site with your friends and submit quality original poems for possible publication.

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