Mighty Gibson at the Bat by David Hench

Mighty Gibson? Kirk Gibson? Did the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder have his moment "at the bat" just like The Mighty Casey ? Enjoy for a moment this wonderfully written paradoy — Mighty Gibson at the Bat, by David Hench.

"In a season of the improbable the impossible has happened." - Vin Scully (Radio Broadcast, Game 1, 1988 World Series)
Mighty Gibson at the Bat

Copyright © 2019 by David Hench

Published On: Baseball Almanac (September 2019)

The outlook wasn't brilliant in Chavez Ravine that night
The score stood four to three, the Dodger side was light
Eck was dealing on the mound … one out more was left
And all the Dodger faithful's hearts would soonly be bereft
On the Dodger dugout steps appeared number twenty-three
Quite an opening act in this World Series, intoned Vin Scully
Gibson , Mighty Gibson , strode gingerly to the plate
And renowned in baseball annals would be this October date
Lasorda rolled the dice with the season on the brink
On this move, in the bottom of the ninth, would fate kindly wink?
"Strike one!" cried the ump, as Gibson took a painful flail
Two more stikes and the Dodger comeback would be to no avail
Another windup, another swing … fouled again into the seats
There's never been poetic justice like this since the master Keats
Now a nubber down the line, Gibson could barely run
It wouldn't be Gibson's legs with which this game was won
Down 0-2, one strike from beaten, Gibson works the count
The patrons in a frenzy … no one wants a price discount
Fifty-thousand voices in blue cheer their slugger on
The MVP that Dodger Blue has depended so upon
For the last time on this fateful eve the ball came hurtling toward the plate
The last time the leather spheroid would be pitched on this fine date
Oh somewhere in some foreign land this pitch will be forgot
But of those in Chavez Ravine it most certainly will not
For Gibson threw the barrel and a mighty "Crack" rang out
And when the right fielder looked up helplessly … there was little doubt
Gibson is no Casey … let the baseball records show
In Dodger Land for a thousand years they won't forget his blow
Hip, hip hooray! … a jolly good fellow … is the Dodger captain
"In a season of the improbable the impossible has happened."

Mighty Gibson at the Bat by David Hench © 2019

The last line of Mighty Gibson at the Bat appears in quotes because it's Vin Scully's radio call after Kirk Gibson's walk-off dinger, on October 15, 1988 .
Walt Weiss said, "When he ( Kirk Gibson ) hit that ball (during 1988 World Series ), it was almost surreal. As devastating a blow as it was, I remember running off the field and saying, 'Man, that was unbelievable.'"
Did you know that Kirk Gibson was an All-American flanker for the Michigan State University football team? Go beyond the stats by visiting Gibby's page.
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