Major League Baseball Records for Extra Base Hits

An extra-base hit is any base hit on which the batter is able to advance past first base without the benefit of a fielder either committing an error or opting to make a throw to retire another base runner. Extra base hits are determined by calculating the sum total of a batter's doubles, triples, and home runs (EBH = 2B + 3B + HR).

Extra base hits records — including most extra base hits in a career, most extra base hits in a single season, game specific extra base hits records, and many variations of those marks are in this Extra Base Hits Record Book.

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"Speed plays a prominent part in extra base hits. At first blush long hits would seem to be the special province of the slugger. They are really the province of the speed artist as well. For example, Ty Cobb said, 'Taking an extra base on a monetary fumble may seem like an act of quick thinking. It is, I suppose. And yet the one unvarying rule of my career has been always to go as far as possible on a hit. I have taken many desperate chances and have lost out a lot of times. That was inevitable. But taking chances is only another way of playing the game.'" - Author F.C. Lance in Batting (SABR Publishing, 09/01/2001, Page 58)

Extra Base Hits Records

Career Extra Base Hits Records

Most Extra Base Hits
In A Career
( Top 1,000 )
AL Babe Ruth 2B 506 1,350
3B 136
HR 708
NL Barry Bonds 2B 601 1,440
3B 77
HR 762
ML Hank Aaron 2B 624 1,477
3B 98
HR 755

Extra Base Hits Records

Single Season Extra Base Hits Records

Fewest Extra Base Hits
By The League Leader
AL Sam Crawford Detroit 54 1915
NL Sherry Magee Philadelphia 50 1906
Fewest Extra Base Hits
In A Season
(150+ Games Played)
AL Felix Fermin Cleveland 10 1989
Luis Gomez Toronto 1978
NL Dal Maxvill St. Louis 7 1970
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Season
( Top 500 )
AL Babe Ruth New York 119 1921
NL Barry Bonds San Francisco 107 2001
Chuck Klein Philadelphia 1930
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Season
By A Lefthander
AL Babe Ruth New York 119 1921
NL Barry Bonds San Francisco 107 2001
Chuck Klein Philadelphia 1930
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Season
By A Righthander
AL Albert Belle Cleveland 103 1995
Hank Greenberg Detroit 1937
NL Sammy Sosa Chicago 103 2001
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Season By A Rookie
AL Hal Trosky Cleveland 89 1934
NL Albert Pujols St. Louis 88 2001
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Season By A Switch-Hitter
AL Carlos Beltran Kansas City 80 2002
NL Lance Berkman Houston 94 2001
Most Seasons
Leading The League in EBH
( Year-by-Year )
AL Babe Ruth Boston 7 1918
Boston 1919
New York 1920
New York 1921
New York 1923
New York 1924
New York 1928
NL Stan Musial St. Louis 7 1943
St. Louis 1944
St. Louis 1946
St. Louis 1948
St. Louis 1949
St. Louis 1950
St. Louis 1953
Honus Wagner Pittsburgh 1900
Pittsburgh 1902
Pittsburgh 1903
Pittsburgh 1904
Pittsburgh 1907
Pittsburgh 1908
Pittsburgh 1909

Extra Base Hits Records

Game Specific Extra Base Hits Records

Most Extra Base Hits
In A Doubleheader
( Bold = 18 Innings)
AL Jimmie Foxx Philadelphia 6 07-02-1933
Philadelphia 07-02-1933
Hank Majeski Philadelphia 08-27-1948
Philadelphia 08-27-1948
Hal McRae Kansas City 08-27-1974
Kansas City 08-27-1974
Al Oliver Texas 08-17-1980
Texas 08-17-1980
John Stone Detroit 04-30-1933
Detroit 04-30-1933
NL Chick Hafey St. Louis 6 07-28-1928
St. Louis 07-28-1928
Joe Medwick St. Louis 05-30-1935
St. Louis 05-30-1935
Mel Ott New York 06-19-1929
New York 06-19-1929
Dusty Rhodes New York 08-29-1954
New York 08-29-1954
Red Schoendienst St. Louis 06-06-1948
St. Louis 06-06-1948
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Game
(* = Extra Inning Game)
AA George Strief Philadelphia 5 06-25-1885
AL Lou Boudreau Cleveland 5 07-14-1946
Jackie Bradley, Jr. Boston 08-15-2015
Josh Hamilton Texas 05-08-2012
Jose Ramirez Cleveland 09-03-2017
Kelly Shoppach * Cleveland 07-30-2008
NL Joe Adcock Milwaukee 5 07-31-1954
Kris Bryant Chicago 06-27-2016
Matt Carpenter St. Louis 07-20-2018
Alex Dickerson San Francisco 09-01-2020
Steve Garvey Los Angeles 08-28-1977
George Gore Chicago 07-09-1885
Shawn Green Los Angeles 05-23-2002
Willie Stargell Pittsburgh 08-01-1970
Larry Twitchell Cleveland 08-15-1889
Most Extra Base Hits
In A Game - By A Pitcher
( Bold = 9 Innings)
AA Bob Caruthers St. Louis 4 08-16-1886
AL Babe Ruth Boston 4 05-09-1918
Snake Wiltse Philadelphia 08-10-1901
NL Too Many To List -- 3 --
Most Extra Base Hits
On Opening Day
AL Pop Dillon Detroit 4 04-25-1901
Don Baylor Baltimore 04-06-1973
NL Jim Greengrass Cincinnati 4 04-13-1954
Billy Herman Chicago 04-14-1936
George Myers Indianapolis 04-20-1888

Extra Base Hits Records

Inning Specific Extra Base Hits Records

Most Extra Base Hits
In An Inning
AL Too Many To List -- 2 --
NL Tom Burns Chicago 3 09-06-1883
7 th Inning
Most Extra Base Hits
In An Inning
(By A Pitcher)
AL Ted Lyons Chicago 2 07-28-1935
2 nd Inning
Bob Shawkey New York 07-12-1923
3 rd Inning
Joe Wood Boston 07-04-1913
4 th Inning
NL Hank Borowy Chicago 2 05-05-1946
7 th Inning
Fred Goldsmith Chicago 09-06-1883
7 th Inning
Adonis Terry Chicago 05-19-1895
3 rd Inning
Extra Base Hits Records | Research by Baseball Almanac
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The extra base hit record setters might have been home run hitters, they might have been speedy triples hitters, they might have rapped out fifty doubles, or they might have had a balanced trifecta:

20 Doubles & 20 Triples & 20 Home Runs in Same Season
Name Year Team LG GP 2B 3B HR
Frank Schulte 1911 Chicago NL 154 30 21 21
Jim Bottomley 1928 St. Louis NL 149 42 20 31
Jeff Heath 1941 Cleveland AL 151 32 20 24
Willie Mays 1957 New York NL 152 26 20 35
George Brett 1979 Kansas City AL 154 42 20 23
Curtis Granderson 2007 Detroit AL 158 38 23 23
Jimmy Rollins 2007 Philadelphia NL 162 38 20 30

Did you know that Babe Ruth is the only player in baseball history to lead a league in extra base hits across four consecutive seasons (1918 through 1921)?

Paul Waner set a Major League record, that will probably never be broken , putting together a streak of 14 consecutive games with one or more extra-base hits, during each of those games! Between June 3-19, 1927 , Big Poison had twelve doubles, four triples and four home runs — at least one extra base hit during every one of those games! In 2006, this incredible record was not broken, but it was tied by Chipper Jones , who also had a streak of 14 straight games with one or more extra base hits. Between June 26-July 16, 2006 , Chipper had eight doubles, one triple and seven home runs — at least one in every one of those games!

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