Major League Baseball Records for Stolen Bases

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a record book full of baseball milestones for stolen bases — including career stolen base marks, single season stolen base plateaus and game related stolen bases records.

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"A good base stealer should make the whole infield jumpy." - Joe Morgan in The Gainesville Times (Jonathan Zopf, 04/18/2010, 'Big Red running toward a title')

Stolen Base Records

Career Stolen Base Records

Highest Percentage
In A Career
(300 Minimum Attempts)
AL Willie Wilson Kansas City .833
NL Tim Raines Montreal .857
ML Carlos Beltran Kansas City .864
New York [NL]
San Francisco
St. Louis
New York [AL]
Most Stolen Bases
In A Career
( Top 1,000 )
AL Rickey Henderson Oakland 867 1,270
New York 326
Toronto 22
Anaheim 16
Seattle 31
Boston 8
NL Lou Brock Chicago 50 938
St. Louis 888
ML Rickey Henderson Oakland [AL] 867 1,406
New York [AL] 326
Toronto [AL] 22
Anaheim [AL] 16
Seattle [AL] 31
San Diego [NL] 91
New York [NL] 42
Boston [AL] 8
Los Angeles [NL] 3
Most Consecutive Steals
In A Career
Without 1 Caught Stealing
AL Ichiro Suzuki Seattle (#1) 45 04-29-2006
Seattle (#45) 05-16-2007
NL Vince Coleman St. Louis (#1) 50 09-18-1988
St. Louis (#50) 07-26-1989
Worst Percentage
In A Career
(200 Minimum Attempts)
AL Lou Gehrig New York .502
NL Pete Rose Cincinnati .571

Stolen Base Records

Single Season Stolen Base Records

Fewest Stolen Bases
By The League Leader
AL Dom DiMaggio Boston 15 1950
NL Stan Hack Chicago 16 1938
Most Stolen Bases
In A Season
( Top 500 )
AA Hugh Nicol Cincinnati 138 1887
AL Rickey Henderson Oakland 130 1982
NL Lou Brock St. Louis 118 1974
Most Stolen Bases
In a Season by a Rookie
AL Kenny Lofton Cleveland 66 1992
NL Vince Coleman St. Louis 110 1985
Most Stolen Bases
In A Season
Without 1 Caught Stealing
(EVERY Player with 20+ listed)
AL Alcides Escobar Kansas City 22 2013
Quintin Berry Detroit 21 2012
Paul Molitor Toronto 20 1994
NL Chase Utley Philadelphia 23 2009
Kevin McReynolds New York 21 1988
Most Seasons
Leading The League
( Year-by-Year Leaders )
AL Rickey Henderson Oakland 12 1980
Oakland 1981
Oakland 1982
Oakland 1983
Oakland 1984
New York 1985
New York 1986
New York 1988
Oakland 1989
Oakland 1990
Oakland 1991
Oakland 1998
NL Max Carey Pittsburgh 10 1913
Pittsburgh 1915
Pittsburgh 1916
Pittsburgh 1917
Pittsburgh 1918
Pittsburgh 1920
Pittsburgh 1922
Pittsburgh 1923
Pittsburgh 1924
Pittsburgh 1925
Most Seasons
Leading The League
( Year-by-Year Leaders )
AL Luis Aparicio Chicago 9 1956
Chicago 1957
Chicago 1958
Chicago 1959
Chicago 1960
Chicago 1961
Chicago 1962
Baltimore 1963
Baltimore 1964
NL Vince Coleman St. Louis 6 1985
St. Louis 1986
St. Louis 1987
St. Louis 1988
St. Louis 1989
St. Louis 1990
Maury Wills Los Angeles 1960
Los Angeles 1961
Los Angeles 1962
Los Angeles 1963
Los Angeles 1964
Los Angeles 1965

Stolen Base Records

Game Specific Stolen Base Records

Most Stolen Bases
In A Game (5 or More Steals)

[ Bold =Record Holders]

NL George Gore Chicago 7 06-25-1881
NL Billy Hamilton Philadelphia 7 08-31-1894
AL Eddie Collins Philadelphia 6 09-11-1912
AL Eddie Collins Philadelphia 6 09-22-1912
AL Carl Crawford Tampa Bay 6 05-03-2009
NL Otis Nixon Atlanta 6 06-16-1991
NL Eric Young Colorado 6 06-30-1996
NL Dan McGann New York 5 05-27-1904
AL Willie Keeler New York 5 06-01-1905
AL Eddie Collins Philadelphia 5 05-18-1912
AL Clyde Milan Washington 5 06-14-1912
FL Vin Campbell Indianapolis 5 08-16-1914
AL Johnny Neun Detroit 5 07-09-1927
AL Amos Otis Kansas City 5 09-07-1971
NL Davey Lopes Los Angeles 5 08-24-1974
AL Bert Campaneris Oakland 5 05-24-1976
NL Lonnie Smith St. Louis 5 09-04-1982
NL Alan Wiggins San Diego 5 05-17-1984
NL Tony Gwynn San Diego 5 09-20-1986
AL Rickey Henderson Oakland 5 07-29-1989
AL Alex Cole Cleveland 5 08-01-1990
AL Alex Cole Cleveland 5 05-03-1992
NL Damian Jackson San Diego 5 06-28-1999
NL Eric Young Chicago 5 05-14-2000
AL Kenny Lofton Cleveland 5 09-03-2000
AL Scarborough Green Texas 5 09-28-2000
NL Ryan Freel Cincinnati 5 07-27-2005
NL Willy Taveras Colorado 5 06-14-2008
NL Dexter Fowler Colorado 5 04-27-2009
AL Jacoby Ellsbury Boston 5 05-30-2013
NL Billy Hamilton Cincinnati 5 06-14-2015
Stolen Bases Records | Research by Baseball Almanac, Inc.
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Did you know that Lou Brock (who had twelve seasons) and Rickey Henderson (who had thirteen seasons) are the only two players in Major League Baseball history with at least twelve seasons with at least fifty-or-more stolen bases?

On the fact above, Lou Brock's twelve seasons were ALL consecutive, as compared to Rickey Henderson , who "only" had seven out of his thirteen in consecutive seasons.

At the end of the 1983 season, Rickey Henderson had become the first player in baseball history to have back-to-back seasons (1982 & 1983) with more than one-hundred stolen bases during each year. Four years later, Vince Coleman broke that amazing record when he stole more than one-hundred bases in three consecutive seasons (1985, 1986, 1987)!

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