Tropicana Field Historical Analysis

Tropicana Field was originally called the Florida Suncoast Dome, then the Thunderdome and since the Tampa Bay Rays moved in it has been Tropicana Field. It is the first Major League ballpark in more then twenty years to feature AstroTurf and all-dirt base paths.

Tropicana Field closed its doors in October 1996 for a seventeen month, eighty-five million dollar baseball renovation that included adding 319,000 square feet of space. The Florida Suncoast Dome was originally built for baseball, yet there have been at least fifteen other sports (including 5-K runs, basketball, equestrian events, figure skating, football, gymnastics, hockey, karate, monster truck races, motorcycling, ping pong, soccer, sprint car, tennis, and weightlifting) and competitions played in the stadium. The Thunderdome was offiically renamed on October 4, 1996, in accordance with a naming rights agreement between the Tampa Bay Rays and Tropicana Dole Beverages North America.

"It is the self-billed 'Ballpark of the 21st Century,' a technologically enhanced playground with a distinctive surf-and-sand personality. Tropicana Field is downright proud of the cutting-edge amenities and entertainment options it serves up with its baseball. Where else can you combine pitch counts and batting averages with a beach, a shopping mall, a cigar bar, a bank, a travel agency, a climbing wall and more food groups than you ever knew existed?" - The BallPark Book (2001)
Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field First Pitch Ever Photo by Rob Arra

Major League Occupant(s)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

First Game

Last Game

Still in use by Rays .

Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field Seating Chart

Ballpark Capacity & Seating Chart


Attendance Records
(Single Game)


45,369 on 03-31-1998


10,013 on 04-23-2003

Capacity Changes
( Yearly Attendance )





Tropicana Field

Tropicana Field Dimensions

Ballpark Diagram & Dimensions




Left Field


Left Center


Center Field


Right Center


Right Field


Tropicana Field

Miscellaneous Items of Interest


Centerfield Walls

9' 4"

Left Field Walls

11' 5"

Right Field Walls

11' 5"

Field Surface





Tropicana Field

The architect who designed Tropicana Field was HOK Sports of Kansas City, Lescher & Mahoney Sports of Tampa and Criswell Blizzard & Blouin Architects of St. Petersburg. The actual construction was done by Huber, Hunt & Nichols of St. Petersburg at the cost of $138 million to the City of St. Petersburg.

Did you know that the roof of the dome at Tropicana Field is lit up with orange lights after every single Tampa Bay Rays victory?

Architectal wonders of the Tropicana Field: A cable-supported roof that is two-hundred twenty-five feet above second base & eighty-five feet above the centerfield wall, an Ebbets Field style entrance that is five stories tall and eighty feet wide and a restaurant in center field that seats three-hundred fifty, but remains invisible to the batters due to a special coating over the windows.

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