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Yankee Stadium, The Polo Grounds, Griffith Stadium, Wrigley Field, and countless other homes for Major League franchises often stir up indelible memories.

Imagine yourself playing at Ebbets Field with the legendary Abe Stark Sign along the outfield wall - hit it, and you would have won a free suit! You would also know this is where the first televised game was played, and where Jackie Robinson played his first Major League game. The eye, it is known, records everything it sees.

But then, there is the most mysterious of all the 5 senses, the sense of smell. How often have you entered a ballpark to be greeted by the invigorating fragrance of hotdogs, mustard, and relish, and have been returned instantaneously to joyous memories of your youth? Or all of a sudden, a certain perfume in the breeze makes you turn around to see if that special someone you once knew was sitting nearby.

It seems that only ballparks are conducive to such limitless memories, somehow combining the wide open heavens with the solid earth, green and fertile. Although new stadiums are being built almost yearly to maximize team profits, while older stadiums are becoming relics of the past, we must bear in mind that the new stadiums of today will most likely become treasure troves of memories for generations to come. Finally, all memories will be intricately connected to what transpires on the field of action and in which 'theatre' of drama the events occurred.

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present the information you need to contact any current ballpark AND walk through and breathe in the essence of some of the green fields of yesteryear.

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"I don't know (if they were male or female fans running naked in the ballpark during a game). They had bags over their heads." - Yogi Berra in The New York Daily News (Daniel O'Leary, Yogi Berra's most famous quotes: The wit and wisdom of the late Yankees legend , November 23, 2015)

Major League Baseball Ballparks

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Major League Ballparks Historical List

EVERY Ballpark Used by a Major League Baseball Team in Regular Season Games

23rd Street Park
Messer Street Grounds
Agricultural County Fair Grounds
Metropolitan Park
Agricultural County Fair Grounds (II)
Allens Pasture
Mile High Stadium
Aloha Stadium
Miller Park
American League Park
Milwaukee Base-Ball Grounds
American League Park (II)
Minute Maid Park
Angel Stadium
Monitor Grounds
Arlington Stadium
Monumental Park
Armory Park
Municipal Stadium
Association Park
National League Park
National League Park (II)
Athletic Park (Kansas City, MO)
Nationals Park
Athletic Park (Minneapolis, MN)
Neil Park
Athletic Park (Washington, DC)
Neil Park (II)
Newington Park
Avenue Grounds
Oakdale Park
Oakland Park
Bank Street Grounds
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum
Belair Lot
Olympic Park
Olympic Park (II)
Beyerle's Park
Olympic Stadium
Borchert Field
Ontario Beach Grounds
Boundary Field
Oracle Park
Bowman Field
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Oriole Park
Brotherhood Park
Oriole Park (II)
Bruce Grounds
Oriole Park (III)
Burns Park
Oriole Park (IV)
Palace of the Fans
Busch Stadium (II)
Palace Park of America
Parc Jarry
Capitol Grounds
Pastime Park
Cashman Field
Pendleton Park
Cedar Avenue Driving Park
Petco Park
Champion Stadium
PNC Park
Citi Field
Polo Grounds (II)
Citizens Bank Park
Polo Grounds (III)
Cleveland Stadium
Polo Grounds (IV)
Colt Stadium
Polo Grounds (V)
Columbia Park (Altoona, PA)
Pro Player Stadium
Columbia Park (Philadelphia, PA)
Progressive Field
Comerica Park
Putnam Grounds
Ramona Park
Congress Street Grounds
Recreation Park (Detroit, MI)
Recreation Park (Philadelphia, PA)
County Stadium
Recreation Park (Pittsburgh, PA)
Crosley Field
Recreation Park (Columbus, OH)
Culver Field
Recreation Park (II)
Culver Field (II)
Riverfront Stadium
Dartmouth Grounds
Riverside Grounds
Dodger Stadium
Riverside Park
Eastern Park
Robert F. Kennedy Stadium
Robison Field
Eclipse Park
Rocky Point Park
Eclipse Park (II)
Rogers Centre
Eclipse Park (III)
Roosevelt Stadium
Estadio Hiram Bithorn
Estadio Monterrey
Seventh Street Park
Euclid Beach Park
Seventh Street Park (II)
Exhibition Stadium
Seventh Street Park (III)
Exposition Park (Kansas City, MO)
Shea Stadium
Exposition Park (Pittsburgh, PA)
Exposition Park (II)
Sicks' Stadium
Exposition Park (III)
South End Grounds
Fairview Park
South End Grounds (II)
Federal League Park
South End Grounds (III)
South Side Park
Fireworks Park
South Side Park (II)
South Side Park (III)
Forepaugh Park
South Street Park
Fort Bragg Field
Speranza Park
Ft. Street Grounds
Sportsman's Park
Geauga Lake Grounds
Sportsman's Park (II)
Globe Life Field
Sportsman's Park (II)
Gloucester Point Grounds
St. George Cricket Grounds
Gordon and Koppel Field
Stade Olympique
Grand Avenue Park
Star Park
Grauer's Ridgewood Park
Star Park (II)
Great American Ballpark
SunTrust Park
Swampoodle Grounds
Guaranteed Rate Park
Sydney Cricket Ground
Handlan's Park
T-Mobile Park
Harrison Field
Target Field
Hartford Ball Club Grounds
TD Ameritrade Park
Haymakers' Grounds
Terrapin Park
Three Rivers Park
Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome
Three Rivers Stadium
Huntingdon Grounds
Tiger Stadium
Huntingdon Grounds (II)
Tokyo Dome
Tri-State Fair Grounds
Indianapolis Park
International Fair Association Grounds
Troy Ball Club Grounds
Iron Pier
Turner Field
Island Grounds
Union Grounds
Jack Murphy Stadium
Union Park
Jailhouse Flats
Union Street Park
Jefferson Street Grounds
University of Pennsylvania Athletic Field
Kauffman Stadium
Veterans Stadium
Keystone Park
Wallace's Ridgewood Park
Washington Park
League Park (Toledo, OH)
Washington Park (II)
League Park (Cincinnati, OH)
Washington Park (III)
League Park (II)
Washington Park (IV)
League Park (III)
West New York Field Club Grounds
League Park (IV)
West Side Grounds
Lloyd Street Grounds
West Side Park
Long Island Grounds
White Stocking Park
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Wiedenmeyer's Park
Louisville Baseball Park
Windsor Beach Grounds
Mahaffey Park
Wright Street Grounds
Maple Avenue Driving Park
Marlins Park
Wrigley Field (Los Angeles, CA)
Memorial Stadium
Yankee Stadium (II)


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During the 1862 season, William Cammeyer enclosed the Union Grounds in Brooklyn, New York and began charging admission becoming the first "official" stadium in baseball history. The fee was 10¢ and the first game featured with a cover charge was played on April 18, 1869 between local players.

There Used To Be A Ballpark
(Written by Joe Raposo / Recorded by Frank Sinatra)

"Oh, there used to be a ball park
where the field was warm and green,
and the people played a crazy game
with a joy I've never seen.

How the people watched with wonder,
how they laughed and how they cheered
Yes, there used to be a ball park....
right here....

And the people ate rock candy
on a great big 4th of July
and the fireworks exploded
all across the summer sky.

And the air was filled with wonder
from the hot dogs and the beer
Yes, there used to be a ball park...
right here....

Now the children try to find it,
and they can't believe their eyes
For the old team isn't playing,
and the new team hardly tries

And the sky has gotten cloudy
when it used to be so clear
and the summer....went so quickly...
this year....

Yes, there used to be a ball park...
right here....

On April 12, 1909, Shibe Park opened and became the first all concrete and steel constructed baseball ballpark in the world. Too easy? Behind the large / beautiful French Renaissance dome stood the office of Connie Mack .

Did you know that during Yankee Stadium's first game ever, Babe Ruth hit the first home run in the ballpark which was commonly referred to as "The House That Ruth Built?"

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