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"Baseball Almanac is a worthy achievement, and is a testament to your love of the game." - New York Mets Senior Vice President Harold W. O'Shaughnessy

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Hello Baseball Almanac Fans:

First & foremost, thank you for visiting this page. I truly do hope you take a few short moments and read the following text. You really can make a difference and all I ask for is five minutes of your time.

Baseball Almanac is not commercially sponsored or financially backed in any way, shape, or form. Our primary source of income has been revenue through banners (which really only help when they are clicked), sales of books via our Amazon links, and private donations from people exactly like yourself.

Baseball Almanac is seriously attempting to record all the events of our national pastime in an easy to use, yet highly informative digital format. "Content is king" best describes our business plan and we have assembled, in a little over a decade (2000-2014), more than 525,000 web pages and an infinite number of dynamic pages due to our sixty-plus fully functional interactive databases. A few kind words about our efforts:

"Baseball Almanac is a veritable baseball encyclopedia, and best of all, it's free! Whether you're researching baseball history, reading for pleasure, or looking for a laugh, has it all for Opening Day and every other day of the year." - Press Release Newswire (PRWEB, 03/31/2005)

"Baseball Almanac : Everything you want to know about baseball is on this site—history, rosters, statistics, and even jokes and songs." - National Geographic (Geographica : April 2004 Issue)

"If you're a baseball purist, a stroll through this fact-filled site is a must." - Access Magazine (Best Site of the Year Winner)

"I am the author of The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball. Thank you for the frequent references to my book on your website. I have used your site frequently... You have done a great job putting together a first class site... The second edition of my book will be out sometime this spring, and I made reference to your site as one of my key sources." - Author Jonathan Fraser Light

"Thank you for providing a great site / service to retired MLB alums and fans alike." - Jim Acho, Esq. of Cummings — McClorey — Davis & Acho, P.L.C. (

"This site doesn't have any rivals. Every historical information or feat you want on baseball is right here." - Sports Collectors Digest (Top 10 Must See Sites)

"There's a whole lot more here than reams of stats and Hall of Fame hagiographies, so much more, in fact, that the most die-hard purist as well as the casual wanderer with only a passing interest in the game will likely find something fascinating to chew over, along with the peanuts and Cracker Jacks." - The Chicago Tribune

"The Baseball Almanac is another site overflowing with baseball tidbits. Facts, stories, famous firsts, quotes, stats, records, feats, movies, songs, poems, jokes - they have it all." - Chop Talk

"If God were a baseball fan, this site is what his attic would look like." - Yahoo Internet Life Magazine

"With every pitch and with every strikeout, baseball generates a new statistic, and as the summer days race by, the stats pile up and turn into baseball history... Contemplate all of it here (on Baseball Almanac) at baseball's ultimate one-stop reference library." - PC Magazine Best of the Internet (2004)

1 . Being mentioned in ANY source is nothing short of a true honor and beyond priceless. Baseball Almanac DOES NOT advertise and relies upon the media and the fans to advertise for us. If you have the ability to share information about Baseball Almanac in any media source, you are supporting our efforts.

2 . Baseball Almanac is extremely grateful for the enabling generosity and loyal financial support received from its friends. With sustained financial support, the site will continue to excel, to attract and retain visitors, to provide fans with the highest quality research possible, and ultimately, to record every possible aspect of baseball history. Baseball Almanac invites you to invest in our passion. Contributions are needed for writing projects (biographical essays of every Hall of Fame player are coming soon), box score integration (every game ever played by every player linked right on their bios - 90+ years are already done), renovation of the site itself (an updated look / faster / more data), and so much more can be made possible with your help. Any donation truly makes a difference. Has Baseball Almanac ever been as valuable to you as a new baseball statistics book? How about as valuable as a single issue of a baseball magazine? Has it ever saved you some time? Has it helped you win an office bet? If yes, please send a donation to the address below:

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3 . Telling friends about Baseball Almanac helps. Why? As we do not advertise, word of mouth is a critical component to our success. We can't tell your friends about us, but you can. Mention us to baseball fans at the office, at school, at your children's baseball practice, and at every ballgame you attend - it truly does help.

4 . Email us your suggestions. We've added a single stat because of an email suggestion. We've added pages because of email suggestions. We've added entire sections due to email suggestions! Let us know if you like what we've done and if there is a way to make it even better, email us!

5 . Bookmark us. Repeat visitors means repeat traffic and increased pageviews equals increased ad revenues by bigger and better companies looking to promote their products. If you don't like or use bookmarks, please remember Baseball Almanac whenever you are looking for any form of baseball information.

6 . Police our work. Grammar experts we are not and spell check does not know the difference between Czajkowski & Czajowski. We are not perfect, but we value perfection more than anything else and any error you point out will be fixed immediately. We too visit websites and seeing any type of inaccurate information on a page makes it less credible — something we hope to avoid at all costs and with your input we can make Baseball Almanac beyond perfect.

7 . Volunteer your skills. Are you a writer? Could you pick a section and re-write each intro so it has a more professional introductory paragraph? Are you a graphic artist? Have any ideas for low-bandwidth graphical upgrades? Are you a researcher? Would you like your work published on Baseball Almanac? Have any ideas for new projects? Your skills and your time can help us and if you approach us, we'll likely welcome you aboard.

8 . Donate your baseball "stuff". In 2001 a Canadian visitor offered us a near complete run of USA Today Baseball Weekly for the cost of shipping. More than four-hundred issues arrived in twenty boxes less than three weeks later. In January 2005 we received nine unsolicited copies of articles about baseball players from relatives, fans, and historians. Some contained quotes, obituary information, salary data, or just plain interesting information, all of which found their way onto Baseball Almanac. Our baseball library provides the foundation for research projects so if we stop its growth, the foundation will eventually not be able to support our "baseball building".

9 . Hire us! Utilizing our own extensive baseball library, Baseball Almanac provides baseball research services to researchers, publishers, authors, major and minor league teams, and fans. We have done consultation on baseball topics of all kinds for many different entities including movie studios, record labels, newspapers, editors, authors, professional baseball teams - and fans. We have extensive experience in baseball fact checking, baseball-research, box score reproductions & analysis, biographical data ( uses our data) and manuscript / promotional book reviews. Our painstaking attention to detail is worth every penny.

10 . Sponsor a page or pages on Baseball Almanac: Every page on our site can be sponsored by you, your company, or by you for somebody else! Player biographies even have a pre-built-in message area and are our most popular / inexpensive way to show your support. Complete details can be found here: Sponsor A Baseball Almanac Page .

In closing I extend my thanks to all those who have helped in the past and I hope you are on board in 2020. Baseball Almanac sincerely hopes that only 1% of you who read this page choose to help in any way listed above. It would make all the difference in the world and if you can help in more than one way, thank you, thank you & thank you again.


Baseball Almanac, Inc.
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In 2003 Baseball Almanac averaged 132,388 hits per day. 2004 we averaged 179,878 hits per day. We have grown nearly every month since our start and in 2005 we wanted to exceed 200,000 hits per day — we finished with an average of 255,048 hits per day. Have we stopped? NO! NEVER! March 2014, just that one month, we averaged 1,500,000+ hits per day! Thank you for helping us continue to grow and we hope you consider sponsoring a page to help us continue this trend.

Baseball Almanac added an infinite amount of dynamic pages due to our historical baseball statistics tools and rosters scripts ( Team-by-Team section). These two scripts cost more than $2,000 to build and in 2004 we added five more similar scripts. In 2005 we completely renovated our scripts making them faster and more information rich. We added new fields, new data splits, and even three new scripts. In future years we would like to add even more scripts, but it won't be possible without your assistance.

Baseball Almanac also owns & operates other baseball sites (each one is listed below this box in our copyright section). Each is part of our Baseball Almanac family and they are all closely integrated and part of our effort to preserve baseball history.

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