Baseball Almanac is pleased to present the single most comprehensive Major League team statistics tool on the internet. Every single "official" league and every single Major League team's hitting statistics, pitching statistics, and fielding statistics can be accessed via this one single tool.

Statmaster gives YOU the ability to select the baseball statistics that YOU want to see. Pre-packaged team stat pages exist on every major site and you get only those baseball stats that they want you to see. We believe you deserve more and to that end we have joined forces with OuttaCyTE Web Technologies to bring you this truly dynamic, fully customizable, baseball team statistics tool with stats not found on any site on the Internet.

"Statistics are the lifeblood of baseball. In no other sport are so many available, and studied so assiduously by participants and fans." - Leonard Koppett in A Thinking Man's Guide to Baseball (1967)

An Exclusive Baseball Team Statistics Tool

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Home Runs
Secondary Average
Intentional Bases on Balls
Isolated Power
Slugging Percentage
At Bats
On-Base Percentage
Stolen Base Percentage
Bases on Balls
On-Base Plus Slugging
Stolen Base Runs
Batting Average
Stolen Bases
Caught Stealing
Plate Appearances
Times on Base
Ground into Double Play
Runs Batted In
Total Bases
Hit By Pitch
Sacrifice Flies
Sacrifice Hits

Some wonderful quotations have been made about baseball statistics. Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a few gems:

    • "Baseball isn't statistics. Baseball is (Joe) DiMaggio rounding second." - Sportswriter Jimmy Cannon
    • "Statistics are about as interesting as first base coaches." - Pitcher Jim Bouton
    • "They both (bikinis & statistics) show a lot, but not everything." - Infielder Toby Harrah

Baseball statistics are an evolving / ever changing field of research. Tim Wiles, the Director of Research at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, was once asked if they would change the numbers on the plaques after researchers found inaccuracies. Wiles commented, "Some of these numbers acquire a kind of poetry to them. When somebody takes them away or changes them and says we've improved baseball record-keeping, it's someone else's loss."

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OTD1923: (1B) George Burns (…) caught a hard hit liner (out #1), tagged baserunner who left t……
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Chad Bradford (…): Born OTD1974. Often associated for surrendering HR #500 to Manny Ramirez.……
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ICYMI: The #MLB record for total HRs in a season fell earlier this week, the AL & NL record each fell yesterday! Si……
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OTD in Baseball History: 57 MLB players were born, 25 died, 202 played in their very first game, and 104 of them to……
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BREAKING: The single season record for most home runs in MLB history was broken […]. See year……
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Ever wonder who set record for most consecutive games with at least 1-RBI? He was born OTD1893. [Ray Grimes on……
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Roger Maris […]. Born OTD1934. Broke an unbreakable record, SO MUCH MORE. Please visit……
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eMAIL: "Back-to-back homers in All-Star history... I can't seem to find this on Baseball Almanac." UPDATED [……
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The Cole Train struck out 15 batters yesterday (ON HIS BIRTHDAY), and tied two records in the same game -- one ball……
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@BurrHughes So far, in 2019, they have had 30 comeback wins, the largest deficit that they came back from was 7 run……
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OTD1916: Wally Schang […] made HR history - 1st player EVER to homer from both sides of plate……
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If there was a MLB Photo of the Year Award, we would nominate this one taken by Benny Sieu, USA Today Sports (……
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UPDATED: I failed to update this unique set of research [#HOF Birth Names & Nicknames:…] wit……
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Bryan Reynolds, first career switch HR game. The last by a #Pittsburgh #Pirates player was in 1999! See them ALL on……
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ICYM: Jorge Soler (@JorgeSoler68) hit HR #4⃣0⃣ yesterday, the first #KansasCity #Royals player to reach that platea……
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Baseball Almanac Instagram (@BaseballAlmanac) Photo of the Day - Global. We ❤️ that ⚾️ is a 🌎 wide sport, don’t you……
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Happy Birthday Andrelton Simmons […]. Born OTD1989. Fourth SS to win multiple Gold Gloves on……
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike Piazza […]. Born OTD1968. DYK he is lowest drafted player - 1,390th in '8……
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Deliver DeShields just won the Play of the Week (watch every one of them on #BaseballAlmanac /……
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August Pitchers of the Month: Mike Clevinger; #Cleveland #Indians, 5-0 with 51 Ks! Jack Flaherty;…
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