Batting Average : 1942 National League Top 25

Finding the American or National League leader in virtually every hitting & pitching statistic is easy-to-do. Finding the top 25 players during any given season is far more challenging. Baseball Almanac has taken away that difficult problem and is pleased to present the data you requested:

"I don't think I stayed for a complete game that first year (in Arizona). But something happened. During the second year, I started watching more intently, listening to the broadcasters talk about strategy. I started getting it. Suddenly, a 162-game season didn't seem ridiculously long anymore." - Richard Ruelas in The Arizona Republic (11-07-2001)
1942 Batting Average Leaders

Top 25 in the National League

Enos Slaughter .318 (.31810) St. Louis Cardinals 1
Stan Musial .315 (.31478) St. Louis Cardinals 2
Pete Reiser .310 (.31042) Brooklyn Dodgers 3
Johnny Mize .305 (.30499) New York Giants 4
Lou Novikoff .300 (.30021) Chicago Cubs 5
Stan Hack .300 (.30018) Chicago Cubs 6
Joe Medwick .300 (.30018) Brooklyn Dodgers
Bob Elliott .296 (.29643) Pittsburgh Pirates 8
Mel Ott .295 (.29508) New York Giants 9
Bill Nicholson .294 (.29422) Chicago Cubs 10
Elbie Fletcher .289 (.28854) Pittsburgh Pirates 11
Terry Moore .288 (.28834) St. Louis Cardinals 12
Walker Cooper .281 (.28082) St. Louis Cardinals 13
Tommy Holmes .278 (.27778) Boston Braves 14
Arky Vaughan .277 (.27677) Brooklyn Dodgers 15
Frank McCormick .277 (.27660) Cincinnati Reds 16
Marty Marion .276 (.27629) St. Louis Cardinals 17
Danny Litwhiler .271 (.27073) Philadelphia Phillies 18
Phil Cavarretta .270 (.26971) Chicago Cubs 19
Lonny Frey .266 (.26577) Cincinnati Reds 20
Nick Etten .264 (.26362) Philadelphia Phillies 21
Mickey Witek .260 (.26040) New York Giants 22
Mickey Owen .259 (.25891) Brooklyn Dodgers 23
Billy Jurges .256 (.25647) New York Giants 24
Lennie Merullo .256 (.25631) Chicago Cubs 25

Jose Cruz of the Houston Astros had his number twenty-five retired on October 3, 1992, and became the first Major League player with that particular retired number.

Future Hall of Famer Sammy Sosa is best known for wearing number twenty-one; however, when the young slugger played for the Chicago White Sox (1989-1991) he only wore number twenty-five.

Jack Clark , Denny Galehouse , Dizzy Trout and Tony Conigliaro .

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