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The Eric Davis trades and transactions seen below include all known instances where Eric Davis has been involved in a trade or transaction of any type as it relates to baseball.

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"When Eric Davis arrived on the scene in Cincinnati in 1984, he came with the label of unlimited potential. As so often occurred in that era, that label frequently came with the moniker of 'the next Willie Mays ' since the Hall of Famer was the standard bearer for players who could do it all on the baseball field. And Davis, a legitimate five-tool player if there ever was one, could indeed do it all ." - Author Joel Luckhaupt in 100 Things Reds Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die (Triumph Books, 04/01/2013, '32. Eric Davis', Page 141)

Eric Davis

Eric 'The Red' Davis Autograph on a 1985 Topps Baseball Card (#627 | <a href='../baseball_cards/baseball_cards_oneset.php?s=1985top06' title='1985 Topps Baseball Card Checklist'>Checklist</a>)

Eric 'The Red' Davis Autograph on a 1985 Topps Baseball Card (#627 | Checklist )

Birth Name:
Eric Keith Davis
Eric the Red
Born On:
05-29-1962  (Gemini)
Place of Birth Data Born In:
Los Angeles, California
Year of Death Data Died On:
Still Living
Place of Death Data Died In:
Still Living
High School:
Fremont High School (Los Angeles, CA)
None Attended
Batting Stances Chart Bats:
Throwing Arms Chart Throws:
Player Height Chart Height:
Player Weight Chart Weight:
First Game:
05-19-1984 (Age 21)
Last Game:
1980 : 8th Round (201st)
Eric Davis

Trades & Transactions

06-03-1980 Selected by Cincinnati Reds in the 8th round of the free-agent draft (June 3, 1980 - signed June 8, 1980).
11-27-1991 Traded by Cincinnati Reds with Kip Gross to Los Angeles Dodgers in exchange for Tim Belcher and John Wetteland (November 27, 1991).
11-03-1992 Granted free agency (November 3, 1992).
12-01-1992 Signed by Los Angeles Dodgers (December 1, 1992).
08-31-1993 Traded by Los Angeles Dodgers to Detroit Tigers in exchange for a player to be named later (August 31, 1993); Los Angeles Dodgers received John DeSilva (September 7, 1993).
10-28-1993 Granted free agency (October 28, 1993).
11-01-1993 Signed by Detroit Tigers (November 1, 1993).
10-20-1994 Granted free agency (October 20, 1994).
01-02-1996 Signed by Cincinnati Reds (January 2, 1996).
10-28-1996 Granted free agency (October 28, 1996).
12-19-1996 Signed by Baltimore Orioles (December 19, 1996).
10-27-1998 Granted free agency (October 27, 1998).
11-19-1998 Signed by St. Louis Cardinals (November 19, 1998).
11-02-2000 Granted free agency (November 2, 2000).
01-11-2001 Signed by San Francisco Giants (January 11, 2001).
11-06-2001 Granted free agency (November 6, 2001).
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Did you know that during the physical, if a team finds out that the player received during a trade is injured they may return the player to the originating team within ten days from the date the trade was made and void the entire contract?

The Baseball Almanac trades and transactions database includes Rule 5 Draft picks, free agency information, voided trades, waiver picks, expansion draft data, amateur draft data, player refusals, bonus babies, and many other types of not readily found anywhere on the Internet.

Baseball trades & transactions, like the Eric Davis trades and transactions seen above, are an evolving field of research where new discoveries are often found and new player debuts are added to the data set almost daily.

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